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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Some Polygamous Relationships

*-- Perth residents Anna and Lucy are identical twins that share everything- their job, their car and even their boy-toy, Ben Byrne. They also want to look more alike and have shelled out over $ 240,000 for surgery including lip filler and breast implants. The threesome live upstairs from twin's mum- and what gathers from the reports- and must make quite a bit of noise during the night, "We are very active girls and he needs twice the energy" Lucy said of Ben. *-- A trio of gay men named Joke, Bell and Art tied knot in Thani Province of Thailand on Valentine's Say 2015. Joke and Art had already been dating when they met Bell at a party. They fell in love and decided to marry. Since Thailand does not allow same-sex
marriages, they held a symbolic Budhist ceremony and claimed to be the world's first gay married threesome. *-- Melinda and Dani Phoenix were a lesbian couple living in California, who decided they wanted a men in their lives. A couple of months later, they met Jonathan in a building class and both quickly fell for him. They confessed in a romantic letter that
they wanted to join them in their relationship. Jonathan naturally said yes, and was soon living with the pair, impregnating both within a short period of time. The children were born month apart; they split the parenting and sex duties three ways and the women breastfeed each other's babies. *-- Adam, a former nerd turned pickup artist, may be the envy of London schoolmates who once voted for him, "least likely to have girlfriend" Adam is now in a 'throuple'
(The hot new buzzword) with Brooke and Jane. Brooke recently gave birth to a child and has another son from previous relationship. Five of them live under one roof and are open to add another partner (ladies only) to make it "fourple". *-- Kitten, Brynne and Doll Young are all female throuple who had a three-way ceremony
in Masachussets in 2013. The brides all wore white, while they are not married legally to each other, they did have a lawyer work up a contract between them. Kitten was reported pregnant by an unknown sperm donor last year.

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