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Friday, May 8, 2015

David Cameron Will Retain His Seat As PM In UK

David Cameron has won in the 56th general election on Friday in the United Kingdom and will hold his seat of prime minister. According to international media sources, final result of the election has yet to be announced but David Camerons party has won enough seats to help him retain his seat. He said this time the election compaign was really tough for me. On the other hand according to incomplete and un authenticated polls in the United Kingdom five Pakistan born candidates have also succeeded in the election. They are Naz Shah, ahmad Sheikh, Yasmeen Qureshi, Imran Hussain and Sadiq Khan. According to official results of 453 seats out 650, Conservative party won 187 seats, followed by Labour party with 183 and SNP being on third number has won 55 seats. These were the most suspense filled elections in the history of UK. According to latest report Ed Miliband of Labour paarty has resigned from the leadership of the party. Conservatives won enough seats to form government alone.

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