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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Are George and Amal Splitting?

Life and Style magazine claimed that Clooney divorce was imminent. Then in early April, In Touch Weekly picked up the unverified ball and ran with it writing that George and Amal were splitting after six months of marriage. Due to Amal's "jealous rage over some other woman" the lawyer and the actor are in the middle of nasty divorce. So claims the new cover of Life and Style that is, apparently Amal is "all about spending sprees" and an "ugly court battle" is about to take place between Oscar winner actor and his wife. If this is really it for George and Amal, it will make millions of fans around the world upset. Because they wanted to see Clooneys produce a child? No. Because more than any other celebrity couple they wanted to see a Clooney and Amal's sex tape.
As an actor George Clooney is used to starring in emotional scenes.

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