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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Model Ayyan Spent Thousands Of Ruppes On Make Up To attend Court

Model Ayyan Ali spent spent 0.169 million rupees on her make tp prepare herself for presenting in the court that include Rs 45,000 on make and 52,000 rupees on boutique suit. In her personal diary that a news agency got through some source she wrote that 'the jail life is so tough as I had been thinking about'. She wrote that outside she had to face thousands of sights where in jail only jail workers could stare her. She said it is too tiresome to get prepared for court and get up so early in the morning and to get the services of make up artists, as well as to select suits out of several ones coming from boutique. She said only hair style takes 40 to 45 minutes and now the jail officials have known the apatatuses' names that I use to make hair style. Sources say she used French costume when she went to attend court which smell spread all around in the jail. She said expenditure is too huge including lawyers; fees, and other expenses on the day to present myself in the court. She does not know how the difficult jail life is difficult for those who can not spend money like her. It is no less than hell. She has has the support of big people therefore, she is living like in five star hotel.

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