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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Indian District Magistrate Was Suspended Under The Charge Of Wearing Black Glasses

Police officer was suspended by the state government of India under the charge of wearing black glasses while receiving the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was visiting the Naxal affected area of Bastar stare of India. On the arrival of Modi district magistrate Amit Atariya received and greeted him while to protect his eyes from harsh mid-day sun the magistrate was wearing shades. His mistake was that he shook hands with prime minister wearing the glasses, not bothered to remove them while shaking hands with Modi. Because of this act, state government issued notice to collector that he has violated the section 3 (1) of All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1988. The stance of the state government is that collector did not follow the protocol and did not show "integrity and devotion toward duty". According to reports, Modi shook hand with collector who was wearing blue and white striped shirt and glasses,. and asked " Mr Dabbang, how are you?" Reporters say that Modi's remarks have initiated new debate on the dress code of IAS officers on VVIP duty.

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