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Monday, May 18, 2015

Pakistan claimed Nine New Awards This Week--- Shujaat Azeem

Special advisor to prime minister for aviation, captain Shujat Azeem gives good news to the nation saying that Pakistan claimed nine new awards during this week. Sources said that Pakistan International Airlines earned two billion and eight three million rupees during the first month of 2015. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan was awarded second position among the beautiful capital cities of the world. Pakistani men were awarded with third position among the most handsome men in the world. Pakistan was ranked with fifth position regarding improvement of water and sanitation system. In the rank of Global intelligence Survey, Pakistan was placed at fourth position. Pakistan became the first Asian cricket team in test series whose players hit one thousand sixes. Ten British national Pakistanis won seats in the British parliament, which is a record in itself. In addition. Turkish company was hired in Rawalpindi and Lahore to collect home wastage garbage at door steps.

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