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Friday, May 1, 2015

Altaf's Irrelevant Replies To Questions Of Newscater

Mutahidda Qaumi Movement chief had an interesting conversation with newscaster Neelum Aslam. Altaf Hussain was called for his views about Rao Anwar's press conference, for which newscaster asked several questions. Altaf Hussain first tried to take the matter in other direction but later he replied in lighter note. MQM's chief offered Neelum to arrange a ticket of India for her so that she can visit the graves of her ancestors buried in India. Neelum replied she can pray from here. On that Altaf replied it looks that your ancestors are not buried in India but in Punjab, she replied that they are in India. Neelum also asked about funding of RAW to MQM. Altaf Hussain replied whether RAW or his mother funded for MQM or father of grandfather funded for the party who do you think you are. He further said interior minister Ch Nisar did not know about ranger's raid on MQM headquarter Nine Zero. What do you think are the replies of Altaf of a sensible person?

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