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Friday, May 15, 2015

Egyptian Actress Abeer Sabry Is Going To Sue

Abeer Sabry, a well known Egyptian actress is deeply disappointed after her altercation with another woman in a mall in Dubai recently. The spat was captured on camera and has since gone viral on social media. According to reports Abeer is shocked at the woman's extreme reaction against her dress. The actress claimed she was wearing a 'long black cotton dress' that was not striking or offending in the least. Abeer has been in touch with her lawyer and plans to take legal action and sue the aggressive woman for defamation. Abeer also defended the allegations of roaming around the outlet while she was scantily dressed. She said that since she was in the fitting room and required to try on dresses in different sizes. "I wonder how this can be termed a bad or strange behaviour, naturally, I will not put on my clothes and go out every time I need to try dress in different size. That is why I asked a lady from the shop to help me out while I was in the fitting room." actress said. Abeer expressed disappointment over the incident and claimed that she maintained her cool in the face of rude behaviour and harsh words thrown on her.

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