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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The World's Largest Limousine

Hundred feet long car, which has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records is the creation of legendary car builder, designer and collector Jay Ohrberg, who is an exclusive member of Hollywood community and is accredited of introducing spectacular vehicles on the large and small screen. This limo is also used for promotion. The purpose of the car is only to be shown in the movies, this is not for some rich lavish person. It has been designed by Jay himself who has been awarded by the title "king of show cars". It is 30.5 meter long and have 26 wheels. Its main feature includes a swimming pool with diving board. It also contains a king sized water bed. It is intended to be driven as rigid vehicle but it can be bended in the middle. A car having that much length would obviously quite difficult to drive but Jay has also seen to that also. There are two compartments for driver at each end while reversing. It has also a long Jacuzzi tub and a sun deck. The most tempting thing about this car is that it has a helipad on its back which means that you can land helicopter anywhere. The mobile helipad is the most alluring thing to think about. Last but not the least it has a satellite dish on its top. Having such car means that one has a mobile mansion going around him or her but unfortunately it is not for ordinary use.

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