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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Woman Received Multiple Online Rape Threats

An Australian woman who her own YouTube channel, and now some serious online, social media following has bravely begun a new trend. Alanah Pearce is a gaming journalist from Brisbane, Australia, who has received multiple online rape threats from boys. Alanah too her time, effort and trouble to track down the mothers of those who had sent her the rape threats. and then showed the mums the offensive and violent messages that their sons had sent to her.
Alanah Pearce to;d that she hoped the mothers of her abusers will teach them that being abusive or sexiest toward women is wrong. The 21-year posted her full response on Twitter and she has received an overwhelming support. So far, the image, which is accompanied by the explanation, "Sometimes young boys on Facebook send me rape threats, so I have started telling them their mothers have been re-twitted more than 19,000 times and has been favoured by 32,000 people.

Leanor Killed Herself After Having Made False Rape Complaint

When a grieving David de Freitas appeared on BBC radio to complain that her daughter had been hounded to death by callous private prosecution, his out-pouring of pain and loss was heartbreaking. Who could not be moved by the obvious outrage, cloaked in quite dignity as he described how 23-year-old Eleanor, a bright and glamorous young woman killed herself in April?
Economou, the son of a Tycoon said " It was just three days before she was due on trial for making a false allegation of rape and fear of giving evidence left her nervous wreck. Eleanor had mental health issues and led a double life. Economou, 35-year-old son of a British-based Greek shipping tycoon, has always vehemently protested his innocence,, but he says taint of accusation against him have been so persistent that it was difficult for him to clear his name. This is not just accepting the word of Economou over that of a dead woman, CCTV images of him and Eleanor the day after the night of alleged assault show them sharing kisses while shopping together in a lingerie shop. They appeared completely at ease with each other.
What Alexander Economou calls his 'living nightmare' began in November 2012, when he met Eleanor at mutual friend's birthday party in London. Soon they were exchanging flirtacious emails and Facebook messages. It was at this point that their conservation took a new turn. The night before our date she sent me a text message saying she was at 'Madam' house who were teaching her sexual techniques. At the night of our date she gave me tantric massage which involved both of us naked and covered with oil. We had sex multiple times during the night and I definitely felt we were connected.
At home that evening Alexender recalled her saying she used pseudonyms including Portia and Olivia for her sideline- a self employed massage business. He decided to search the internet and within seconds he found sexually charged pictures of Eleanor on websites where she offered tantric services. He says, "I had no suspicion that she had a secret life". "I was stunned, she looked like butter would not melt in her mouth" but there she was what can only be called sex sites. The photos were suggestive and provocatvely she was posed next to nothing.

13,000 People Are Victims Of Modern Slavery In UK

about 13,000 people in Britain are victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation or other forms of modern slavery, it was said in a government report, putting the figures at four times compared to previous estimates. The home office figures- the first official estimate of the scale of the problem in Britain- included girls and women forced into prostitution or sexually exploited for profit, domestic servants working for little or no pay, and labourers forced to work in farms, factories or fishing boats. "The estimated scale of the problem in the modern Britain is shocking and these new figures starkly reinforce the case for urgent action." The report published as part of the British government's trategy to tackle with the trafficking and modern slavery. Many victims are brought in by the traffickers from countries like Romania, Albania, Poland and Nigeria, but officials stress that many vulnerable British adults and children are systematically preyed upon by these traffickers.

Drop In Petroleum Prices, Inauguration Of Hazara Motorway, One Day Before Nov 30, Why?

Imran Khan has not revealed his 'Plan C' yet and Sharif Brothers have paid all the taxes due to Ittefaq Foundry, announced sizeable drop in petroleum prices, inaugurated Hazara Motoway in KPK, also decreased electricity prices by Rs 0.46 per unit. Why? Those who say say Imran Khan's sit-ins and rallies have no impacts could see these new development in the country. Priorly, Nawaz Sharif and his parliamentarians had no time to come to assembly and attend the sessions. With the beginning of Imran's protest the parliament started its continious session and moved resolutions to protect what they say "democray" though it is not visible any where neither within the political parties nor in the assembly and in the country. However, law and order situation is worsening in the country. Nawaz Sharif 'beloved' MNA and the chief of JUI Maulana Fazal Rahman has also stood against him and called for country-wide strike making the murder of late Dr Khalid Mahmood an excuse for the protest. It may be the common plan of PM and Maulana to make trouble for PTI workers to enter Islamabad, as roads have been blocked already by JUI workers. Maulana was seeking a chance like this and he has been provided the chance to make Imran Khan's rally a failure. Revealing his plans Imran Khan said plan 'A' was the sit-ins outside the parliament, plan 'B' was the country-wide rallies that he had addressed and on Sunday he would reveal plan 'C'. Khan said if plan C did not work he will bring plan 'D'. He also blamed the government to spend billions of rupees on advertisement, out of nation's exchequer.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Private Pakistani Channels Refused To Air Reema's Produced Programs

Pakistani private TV channels have reportedly refused to air a programme produced under the banner of a private production house owned by actress and director Reema Khan. According to reports, soon after shifting to the US, Reema had set up her own production house, and started producing different documentaries. Besides, Reema also produced a program 'Reema Ka America' (Reema's America) which features many interviews of renowned and famous Pakistanis settled in the US. During her recent visits to Pakistan, reema held meetings with the owners and managers of different private TV channels to sell her program, but after going through the program, private TV channel managements' refused to ait it on their channels. Sources said that post-production of the documentary was not up to the mark, therefore, channels' owners refused to purchase it.

Nobel Laurate James Watson Is Selling His Nobel Medal

One of the world's well-known Scientist James Watson is selling his Nobel medal in a bid to allow him to "re-enter in public life" after being shunned for the last seven years following comments linking race and intelligence. American James Watson who has worked alongside British scientist Francis Crick while at Cambridge University and discovered the double helix structure of DNA, said he has become an "unperson" since his remarks in a newspaper interview in 2007. He had told the Sunday Times black people were not of equal intelligence to white people. Since the controversial comments Dr Watson has not given any po public lecture and said he has been sacked from the boards of the companies adding, "No one really admits I exist." Dr Watson said he will use the money from the sale of the medal, which Christie said could be sold for as much as 2.2 million pounds, to buy art, supplement his income and make donations to some of the institution he has been associated with including Clare College Cambridge. The auctioneer said he did not expect Dr Watson's previous comments to affect the sale. He said there are a lot of personalities in history we will find fault with, but their discoveries transcend human foibles. The medal is expected to be auctioned in New York on with a reserve price of 1.6 million pounds.

A Cruel Step Of KPK Government For Female Teachers

It is no doubt an extremely brutal action of terrorists in KPK and Balochistan that they kill innocent polio workers who give vaccines to small children in different remote areas of the province. Therefore, the polio cases in these areas are increasing, and due polio cases Pakistani may be banned to enter other countries without having polio vaccine. The health department in the country have lady health workers for the job, but due to killing of the polio workers, lady health visitors have refused to adminiter the polio vaccines. While, they are permanent employees of the health department and this job is mandatory for them. while, KPK government, instead of protecting health visitors have assigned the polio vaccine work to female school teachers, while they do not have this job in their mandate. They have been recruited for teaching not for doing the jobs of health visitors. If lady health visitors love their lives, then why school teachers in KPK, sepcially that of Kohat district have been deputed for polio duty and to sacrifice lives. The election duty though assigned to female teachers come once in four years or some times in by elections, but anti-polio compaign is carried out every month. THe female teachers who have been performing duties in remotest areas away from cities are still go door to door for administering the polio vaccines. Government of KPK must reconsider tits this injustified step and recruit new staff for only polio duty, if they can not pressurise health visitors.

Shooting On New Drama Serial 'Zulekha Bina Yousuf' Of Mahreen Jabbar Will Start Soon

Renowned Pakistani filmmaker Mahreen Jabbar is all set to start shooting for her new drama serial 'Zulekha Bina Yousuf'. Written by renowned writer, actor and director Khalil ur Rahman Qamar, the drama stars Imran Abbas, Maya Ali, Mansha Pasha, Hina Bayat, Wasim Abbas, and Parveen Akbar, among many others. Imran Abbas is playing the role of Yousuf and Maya Ali as Zulekha. Mahreen previously worked with Imran Abbas in Malaal. Talking about the story Jabbar said it was an "old passionate love story". She said shooting will start in December and the serial will be aired on APlus most likely in March 2015. Mahreen's list of acheivements is endless. She has previously directed 'Aur Zindgi Badalti Hae' (2000), Kahanian (2001), Pehchan (2005), Doraha (2008) Malal (2009), Daam (2010) and Mata e Jan (2012), among many others TV series.

JUI (F)'s Leader Dr Khalid Mahmood Has Been Shot In Sukkur

Jamiat Ulema e Islam (F) leader and secretary general Sindh Dr Khalid Mahmood Soomro has been gunned down in Sukkur. According to reports, Dr Khalid was target killed in a local seminar after Fajr prayer by unidentified gunmen. Large number of JUI workers are gathering in the area after receiving the news of Khalid Mahmood's killing in the city. Dr Khalid had arrived in Sukkur to attend peace conference on Friday.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sheikh Rasheed Has Been Issued Notice To Vacate Lal Haveli

What a wonderful memory of Punjab Evacuee Trust Property Board has that ir recalled after half a century that Sheikh Rasheed was the illegal occupant of Lal Haveli. PML (N) must tease the PTI workers but in some dignified way. Should not make itself the target of joke and laugh by the people and the world. PETPB has issued an eviction notice on Friday to the chief of Awami Muslim League to vacate Lal Haveli in (Rawalpindi). Board while issueing notice to Sheikh Rasheed has asked him to end the illegal occupation of the Haveli. Sheikh Rasheed, while talking to media said the notice was not issued by any court, rather it was issued by a corrupt officer of the department to wanted to gain fame by such tactics. He added that property was in the name if eight people and his brother owned six marlas in the property. He said if notice is issued by the court he will not only appear in the court but also respond to the notice.

four Female Guards Have Been Impregnated By Gangster In Prison

A gang leader being hosted in Baltimore prison has impregnated four female guards. He allegedly giftd then diamond rings and luxury cars, reported UK based Metro newspaper. The couple of female guards were found displaying man's tattos on their bodies. The gangster Tavon White was also known to control every illegal activity inside the prison from mob hits to smuggling of contraband products.
He was minting money inside the jail by smuggling in drugs and mobile phones with little help of his accomplices. He reportedly used to earn $ 16,000 per month from his thriving trade.
The jail guards seem to have reveled in their sexual relationship. acquiring money and as high-level gang associates.

Saudi Prince's Ex-wife Will Use Her Influence To Lift Ban On Women Driving

The former wife of Saudi billionaire prince Al Waleed Bin Talal she has been driving mini Cooper through Europe and expects long standing ban on driving of women in Saudi Arabia to be lifted. Ameerah Al Taweel told British 'Daily Mail' online she will use her influence to have that ban removed following protests by the female activists in world's largest oil exporter to press the government to allow them to drive cars. Women have been barred from driving in Saudi Arabia since the establishment of the state in 1932. Earlier this year, a woman reportedly, received 150 lashed after being caught behind the wheels. Taweel said she had international driving licence and said she drive mini cooper when she is in Europe or America but do not drive in London or anywhere in UK, because, because driving on the left is quite confusing. Despite their divorce the couple remained ' great friend' with Taweel describing the prince aas her 'mentor'. However, divorce settlement as prince's fourth wife remains undisclosed. She run her production company 'Time Entertainment'.

Some Celebrities Without Make Up

many celebrities look gorgeous on the red carpet, but it is important not to fotget that they have multiple make up artists at their disposal to give them touch up at moments notice. They get glammered up for award shows and movie premiers. But in their downtime celebrities ranging from Kim Kaedashian to Pamela Anderson prefer to let their natural beauty to take center stage. Check out their photos to see more stars without make up. Now here is Fergie with and with out make up
And here is Pamela Anderson
And Jennifer Lopez.

Statement Of Others Does Not Bother Me--- Muhammad Amir

Pakistan's banned fast bowler Muhammad Amir said he did not pay attention to others' statements about him and was focusing on keeping himself fit. He told a news channel that he was preparing to play domestic cricket and that other player's opinion about him did not bother him. Earlier chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Shaharyar Khan had said that some players in the team did not want to play with Aamir. He also ruled out aamir's return to the team anytime soon. Aamir was banned in 2010 after found guilty of deliberately playing no-balls in series against England. Former president International Cricket Council Ehsan Mani also supported the stance of Ramiz Raja about the return of Aamir to International cricket. He said inclusion of tainted player will create problems for the team.

36 Girls Held As Bargaining Chips Recovered From A House

Every one is aware that Pakistani State is so weak that it can not maintain its write having no rule of law in the country. But it highly heart breaking when this condition impacts the most vulnerable members of the society-the children. Particularly when the children themselves are from poor background and come from conflict ridden areas of the country. Twenty six little girls were found in a home in Karachi held as bargaining chips in a debt recovery exercise. The girls were brought to a house whose owner had taken a loan from the management of a Madrassah (Religious school), where girls were enrolled as students. According to reports Madrasah management sought to impose the cost of upkeep of the girls on the owner of the house, as well as to use the girls as a way to maintain a presence in the house in case it needed to be taken against the loan in the event of default. It shows the weakness and failure of the state to provide proper education to the children, the future of the nation, secondly the mushrooming growth of unregistered madrassas, and the lack of formal credit system to reach the poor segment of the society. The management of the Madrassah should also be asked how was it working as a 'Bank' to extend loans. ? How did it get that much money to give loans?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Indian Ruling Party BJP's Site Has Been Hacked

The website of the Indian ruling party BJP has been hacked by the hackers and pasted a message on the site "Kashmiris donot want drama election or selection except freedom from the cruel government of India. The world can not be befooled. Useless speeches from the SAARC platform have are resultless. No progress can be made till getting the freedom." Indian hackers had hacked the website of Pakistani met office, a few days back.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt's Relationship Through The Years

Earleir this month Heidi Montag invited Amanda Byness to crash at her place. But now the former MTV reality star has offered up a possibility even scarier than the prospects of Heidi, Pratt and Byness living under the same roof. " Spencer promised me a baby by 29, " Montag who turns 29 in September tell latest issue of Life and Style. The couple has apparently disagreed on the issue for awhile, but Montag says Spencer has come around.
Last year when we filmed filmed an E! special, he told me "I do not want to have kids" I started crying she says in new tabloid issue on newsstands now. I told him I could not bear the thought of never becoming a mom" So when he saw how important it was to me he had change of heart" However look for Heidi and Spencer to take part in new season of "Marriage Boot Camp" which will also include Aviva Drescher, Natalie Nunn, and Tyson Apostol, among others.

Pakistan's New TV Health Shows

Doctor Nadim Ud Din Siddique fixes his gaze on a camera in the shiny new studios of Health TV in Karachi and gets ready to answer the day's first question. " My husband does not want to make love any more, what should I do doctor,? the housewife asks over the phone. In Pakistan a new TV show is trying to deal with the delicate subject of sex and embarrassing illnesses without angering the conservatives. Most of the 80-odd television stations in the country fill their airtime with cooking shows, soap operas, cricket and interminable chatshows debating the country's myriad dramas. But once week for an hour, Health TV does something very different, it takes question from viewers on sex, or more precisely sexual problems. "My husband wants to do it once a week and sometimes once a fortnight and it does not last very long," continues Aeysha, a housewife, calling from Lahore.
Doctor answered to her question saying." we call it loss of libido, It ocurres when one has low level of testosterone. You should work on husband's diet and feed him fish and push him to exercise". Each Thursday, "Clinic Online" which began airing a year ago, takes dozen of calls on subjects ranging from loss of libido and erectile dysfunction to questions about sexually transmitted diseases, micro penises and nymphomania. "Sex is very difficult matter in Pakistan, it is very difficult to talk in open forum, in media or seminar. So, whatever you talk about sex, you should be very careful" Said Doctor Siddique. In our society where women or unmarried girls can not go alone to gynacologists , they have to accompany mother or sister. Health channels provide some know how about the women's problems Any how they will have to visit doctors.

Indian 'Raped' Girls Committed Suicide-- New Investigation

To avoid the public anger and to hide their inability to rightly arrest the accused and to hide the truth about the high class rapists, Indian police has claimed that the girls hanging from tree in Uttar Pradesh state in May had committed suicide due to domestic problems, were neither raped nor killed. But the families of the girls, ageing 12 and 14 years said they were raped and lynched by men from higher class after going to fields at niht to relieve themselves as their impoverished homes have no toilets. The case sparked the fresh debate about India's treatment of women with in two years after seeing public anger over the fatal gang rape of a student in moving bus in Delhi.

PTI's NOV 30's Protest Has Again Scared Government

Government is again very much scared of Imran Khan address of Nov 30. The government is well aware of its inillegibilty, weaknesses and drawbacks that it wants to make a strong circle of police and rangers around it to save its chair. Government's failure to curtail load shedding of power, sky rocketing prices of utilities and to maintain law and order situation in the country. Government has started arresting PTI's local leadership, blocking the roads with containers, Why? Is there any foreign army going to attack their palaces? Whom will benefit from the blockage of the roads? Definetly, the people will have more sympathies with PTI not with the government. Why government concentrates on providing basic necessities of life to the people. Why poor children are dying in That? Why newborn 30 babies have died in District Headquarter Hospital Sargodha? If Imran Khan says this government has no further right to rule is not true. The government who can not provide health and education facilities to people, has it right to rule the poor Pakistani nation? Prime Minster announces to construct motorways every town he addresses, is it for the sale of their facrories' material or for the benefit of poor nation that has no basic amenities of life. Does motorways help in treating the sick people or educate them? it is for the benefit of the wealthy people who travel on theses roads in their luxury cars. poor people want cheapest utilities, food items, justice and health facilities . What this government has given to Pakistanis except more miserable lives than PPP's era. Government must facilitate PTI for holding processions or what ever it is to avoid any clash and blame for blocking their way. Government should clear roads to minimize the trouble of movement. Specially for those who enter Rawalpindi/Islamabad from other cities. There are women, children and patients coming to the capital

Registration Of Fingerprints Made Necessary For Saudis and Expats

The Saudi Arab authorities have strictly warned its citizens and expatriates to register their fingerprints declaring it necessary for issuance of resident permits (Iqamas). Saudi department of passports has announced deadline up to January 21, 2015, otherwise all access to online passports and other services will face disconnection. Maj Ahmad Fahd Ahm Al-Luhaidan of passport office clarified that department had carried-out this assignment systematically and gradually, by aligning the issue of Iqamas to the newcomers at the airports with the registration of their fingerprints. According to reports the registration of fingerprints has been linked with three services, issue of re-entry visas, change of profession and transfer of information. Besides the announcement, SMS service has also been started to remind the citizens regarding the procedures. Authorities have also facilitated its residents to check online their registration of fingerprints on www.gdp,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Michael Phelps' Purported Girlfriend Details Her Relationship With Olympic Legend

Michael Phelp's purported girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler, speaks out in a video interview detailing her relationship with the Olympic legend. By her own admission Chandler was born as a man named David Roy Fitch, the latest revelation in a string of them since the athlete's infamous DUI arrest. Speaking out for the first time, she lashes out at Phelps for ditching her as news of their relationship spread public, and described her inner turmoil. "Articles came out every week painting me in all kinds of different lights". Chandler who says she met the Olympian on Tinder past summer adds, "people said horrible things online about me, she says and that peaked after her Nude Texts With Michael Phelps went viral" I felt alone in all this" "There have been days when I just stayed in bed". Chandler said her appetite has disappeared during this period and she "has gone from size 6 to size 2 as the result of 'dramatic weight loss'. In her interview with with Radar and in her leaked texts Chandler raved about Phelps' world-class sexual powess during their steamy romance. "The intimacy with him was amazing, she says adding that ,with Michael "It was first time in my life that someone had made me feel like a true woman". One who makes her feel like she has been horseback riding.

Social Media Sites Are Used To Lure Young Women Into Crimes

Gangs are using social media websites like Facebook to lure young women into crimes and prostitution, reported by head of European Policy Agency. He said traffickers were drawing victims in by posting advertisements for childcare or cleaning vacancies and once ensnared , controlling their movements by webchats and webcams. They are using modern technologieal tools to more efficiently monitor the increasing number of victims. So, instead of paying visit every day, they can use webchat services and also webcams to confirm they are where they should be, in that brothel waiting for the next customer. In the past pimps and traffickers had to do that by physically visiting them, Now they can just control more than 50 victims at the click of one button much more easily and readily, in virtual form. Police chief said criminal gangs regarded trafficking 'low -risk' high profit venture, which generates $150 billion a year for criminal gangs.

Want To see Salman in My Husband Role If Biopic Made--- Sania

Besides firm rejection to make biopic on her, the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has expressed wishes to cast Bollywood star Salman Khan and Deepika Pedukone in her biopic, if one was ever made. Sania Mirza wished to watch Salman Khan in the role of her cricketer husband and Deepika Pedukone's as herself, local media reported. Earlier the tennis star had thrashed the thoughts of some some sort of biopic on her life as she did not want to reveal secrets of her personal life before the world. However, Sania had clarified that her decision could be changed in future.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mehwish Hayat Hits The Big Screen With The Biggest Bangs

Wearing on olive-green Ghagra Choli. supporting a tantalising tattoo on her back and hitting thumka with them, Mehwish Hayat (+) will hit the big screen with biggest bangs. Like a cat (pun intended) on a hot tin roof, she exudes energy making right amount of whiplash hip jerks to get the blood boiling in her item number "Billi" featured in the latest Pakistani film "Na Maloom Afraad" (NMA).
"Since the release of NMA, whereever I go, I see people chanting Billi, Billi, Billi That means they appreciate and love my character. I am sure, it was a huge surprise for the people to see heir favourite TV star on big scree". Mehwish said. Mehwish dances to the Niqab Hussain' steps who is rival to ever-present Pappu Samrat, who was the only choreographer till recently in Pakistani film industry. Lyrics like 'Afridi ki batting hoon, meera ki shadi ki live repoting hoon" as as "mein khabroon ka channel hoon, mein tension phalaoon" makes this song very local in its flavour.

Nightingale of Karachi

Aficionadose of local music scenes are familiar with her voice, she does small but powerful performances often singing 'difficult' songs almost effortlessly. Those who have not been fortunate enough to be serenaded by her live performance would know her as the millifluous voice behind many television drama soundtracks- most probably for, award- winning soundtrack for 'Dil i Maztar'. Alycia Dias (+), attributes existence and playback singing career to musician and producer Waqar Ali (Brother of famous Pakistani singer Sajjad Ali). It did not take long to judge the potential that Alycia's voice had, he immediately selected her to sing for the soundtrack 2013 Urdu-dubbed version of the Turkish drama 'Noor', Since then Alycia's playback career simply took off. She recently held series of solo concerts at Pak-American Cultural Center Karachi. Her father and brother include her band. Young 22-year-old Alycia is still in college and completing her baccalaureate in Iqra University. Not only that she is also a mum. She began singing in church choir when she was six years of age. She might have recorded many songs in Urdu during yje course of her playback career, but English is the language she is more comfortable singing and writing in. She does not seem in hurry to record her album or launch her solo music career. Courtsey ( Madeeha Syed of Dawn Newspaper)

Suspected Ebola Patient Of Chiniot Dies

40-year-old Zulfiqar of Chiniot district, recently returned from Togo, West Africa, suspected symptoms of deadly Ebola, died in Allied hospital Faisalabad. He returned one week ago from Togo and was bleeding from his nose and mouth. World Health Organisation teams are expected to reach the spot. Zulfiqar's relatives will also be tested for any symptoms of the disease.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Madiha Collection Show At Millennial Fashion 2014

Fashion Pakistan Council's show case for new talent was a low-key yet beautiful professional event. Held at the Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture Maybelline New York Millennial Fashion 2014 had all the trappings of fashion week in miniature. A select crowd of established designers, fashion, media and trade representatives watched the show by five upcoming designers. Shows by novice designers can be something of a trial for fashion insiders. Maybelline introduced five young Pakistani designers. But at the end of the evening there was only one name on everbody;s lips. Madiha Raza's ' Flight of the birds', collection was in a class of its own. Original, polished and artistic, collection simply sang on the ramp. Based on leather laser cuttings, and 3 D textures combined with digital printing, 'flight of Birds' scored on multiple levels.

The Jewellery Case Has Put PM In Awkward Position While PTI In Good Position

While Imran khan has already announced to reveal the proofs of pool rigging on Nov 30, the Swiss court decision about the ownership of valuable jewellery in favour og Pakistan government has put Nawaz Sharif in very awkward position. If he pursues the case, he would be losing favour of Zardari, if he does not then Imran Khan has cards in his favour and he has a very good cgance to exploit the issue. As he has been saying in his every address that incumbent government is not going to recover corruption money from Zardari family. Although the ability to recover national assets stashed away in foreign banks should come as a good news for the people of Pakistan and the chairman PTI, the timing of the recent judgement in favour of government of Pakistan may not be a good news for Muslim League (N). A Swiss federal tribunal has ruled that a valuable jewellery set that was seized by authorities in connection with investigation into allegations of graft belonged to former president Zardari or the legal heirs of late BeNazir Bhutto. The set which includes a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring, is said to be valued at more than $180,000. In the judgement issued on Oct 29, the tribunal rejected the ownership claims filed by Comer Finance for the jewellery. The company was allegedly formed by Mr Jens Schlegelmilch and linked to Mr Zardari and was at the center of SGS-Cotechna investigation. The judgement handed down states that Mr Schelegelmilch "appeared to have acted as attorney to BB-AAZ (Asif Ali Zardari and Benazir Bhutto) couple. If government again refuses to repatriate the assets, as was done in 2008 by the promulgation of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NR, then PTI and PAT will leave no stone unturned to exploit the issue. They will be right to do so. Government musy think in favour of national interests not for remaining in power with the committed favour of PPP. THIS IS A TEST CASE FOR NAWAZ SHARIF.