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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Leanor Killed Herself After Having Made False Rape Complaint

When a grieving David de Freitas appeared on BBC radio to complain that her daughter had been hounded to death by callous private prosecution, his out-pouring of pain and loss was heartbreaking. Who could not be moved by the obvious outrage, cloaked in quite dignity as he described how 23-year-old Eleanor, a bright and glamorous young woman killed herself in April?
Economou, the son of a Tycoon said " It was just three days before she was due on trial for making a false allegation of rape and fear of giving evidence left her nervous wreck. Eleanor had mental health issues and led a double life. Economou, 35-year-old son of a British-based Greek shipping tycoon, has always vehemently protested his innocence,, but he says taint of accusation against him have been so persistent that it was difficult for him to clear his name. This is not just accepting the word of Economou over that of a dead woman, CCTV images of him and Eleanor the day after the night of alleged assault show them sharing kisses while shopping together in a lingerie shop. They appeared completely at ease with each other.
What Alexander Economou calls his 'living nightmare' began in November 2012, when he met Eleanor at mutual friend's birthday party in London. Soon they were exchanging flirtacious emails and Facebook messages. It was at this point that their conservation took a new turn. The night before our date she sent me a text message saying she was at 'Madam' house who were teaching her sexual techniques. At the night of our date she gave me tantric massage which involved both of us naked and covered with oil. We had sex multiple times during the night and I definitely felt we were connected.
At home that evening Alexender recalled her saying she used pseudonyms including Portia and Olivia for her sideline- a self employed massage business. He decided to search the internet and within seconds he found sexually charged pictures of Eleanor on websites where she offered tantric services. He says, "I had no suspicion that she had a secret life". "I was stunned, she looked like butter would not melt in her mouth" but there she was what can only be called sex sites. The photos were suggestive and provocatvely she was posed next to nothing.

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