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Friday, November 28, 2014

Saudi Prince's Ex-wife Will Use Her Influence To Lift Ban On Women Driving

The former wife of Saudi billionaire prince Al Waleed Bin Talal she has been driving mini Cooper through Europe and expects long standing ban on driving of women in Saudi Arabia to be lifted. Ameerah Al Taweel told British 'Daily Mail' online she will use her influence to have that ban removed following protests by the female activists in world's largest oil exporter to press the government to allow them to drive cars. Women have been barred from driving in Saudi Arabia since the establishment of the state in 1932. Earlier this year, a woman reportedly, received 150 lashed after being caught behind the wheels. Taweel said she had international driving licence and said she drive mini cooper when she is in Europe or America but do not drive in London or anywhere in UK, because, because driving on the left is quite confusing. Despite their divorce the couple remained ' great friend' with Taweel describing the prince aas her 'mentor'. However, divorce settlement as prince's fourth wife remains undisclosed. She run her production company 'Time Entertainment'.

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