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Friday, November 28, 2014

Sheikh Rasheed Has Been Issued Notice To Vacate Lal Haveli

What a wonderful memory of Punjab Evacuee Trust Property Board has that ir recalled after half a century that Sheikh Rasheed was the illegal occupant of Lal Haveli. PML (N) must tease the PTI workers but in some dignified way. Should not make itself the target of joke and laugh by the people and the world. PETPB has issued an eviction notice on Friday to the chief of Awami Muslim League to vacate Lal Haveli in (Rawalpindi). Board while issueing notice to Sheikh Rasheed has asked him to end the illegal occupation of the Haveli. Sheikh Rasheed, while talking to media said the notice was not issued by any court, rather it was issued by a corrupt officer of the department to wanted to gain fame by such tactics. He added that property was in the name if eight people and his brother owned six marlas in the property. He said if notice is issued by the court he will not only appear in the court but also respond to the notice.

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