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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Drop In Petroleum Prices, Inauguration Of Hazara Motorway, One Day Before Nov 30, Why?

Imran Khan has not revealed his 'Plan C' yet and Sharif Brothers have paid all the taxes due to Ittefaq Foundry, announced sizeable drop in petroleum prices, inaugurated Hazara Motoway in KPK, also decreased electricity prices by Rs 0.46 per unit. Why? Those who say say Imran Khan's sit-ins and rallies have no impacts could see these new development in the country. Priorly, Nawaz Sharif and his parliamentarians had no time to come to assembly and attend the sessions. With the beginning of Imran's protest the parliament started its continious session and moved resolutions to protect what they say "democray" though it is not visible any where neither within the political parties nor in the assembly and in the country. However, law and order situation is worsening in the country. Nawaz Sharif 'beloved' MNA and the chief of JUI Maulana Fazal Rahman has also stood against him and called for country-wide strike making the murder of late Dr Khalid Mahmood an excuse for the protest. It may be the common plan of PM and Maulana to make trouble for PTI workers to enter Islamabad, as roads have been blocked already by JUI workers. Maulana was seeking a chance like this and he has been provided the chance to make Imran Khan's rally a failure. Revealing his plans Imran Khan said plan 'A' was the sit-ins outside the parliament, plan 'B' was the country-wide rallies that he had addressed and on Sunday he would reveal plan 'C'. Khan said if plan C did not work he will bring plan 'D'. He also blamed the government to spend billions of rupees on advertisement, out of nation's exchequer.

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