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Sunday, November 30, 2014

13,000 People Are Victims Of Modern Slavery In UK

about 13,000 people in Britain are victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation or other forms of modern slavery, it was said in a government report, putting the figures at four times compared to previous estimates. The home office figures- the first official estimate of the scale of the problem in Britain- included girls and women forced into prostitution or sexually exploited for profit, domestic servants working for little or no pay, and labourers forced to work in farms, factories or fishing boats. "The estimated scale of the problem in the modern Britain is shocking and these new figures starkly reinforce the case for urgent action." The report published as part of the British government's trategy to tackle with the trafficking and modern slavery. Many victims are brought in by the traffickers from countries like Romania, Albania, Poland and Nigeria, but officials stress that many vulnerable British adults and children are systematically preyed upon by these traffickers.

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