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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Cruel Step Of KPK Government For Female Teachers

It is no doubt an extremely brutal action of terrorists in KPK and Balochistan that they kill innocent polio workers who give vaccines to small children in different remote areas of the province. Therefore, the polio cases in these areas are increasing, and due polio cases Pakistani may be banned to enter other countries without having polio vaccine. The health department in the country have lady health workers for the job, but due to killing of the polio workers, lady health visitors have refused to adminiter the polio vaccines. While, they are permanent employees of the health department and this job is mandatory for them. while, KPK government, instead of protecting health visitors have assigned the polio vaccine work to female school teachers, while they do not have this job in their mandate. They have been recruited for teaching not for doing the jobs of health visitors. If lady health visitors love their lives, then why school teachers in KPK, sepcially that of Kohat district have been deputed for polio duty and to sacrifice lives. The election duty though assigned to female teachers come once in four years or some times in by elections, but anti-polio compaign is carried out every month. THe female teachers who have been performing duties in remotest areas away from cities are still go door to door for administering the polio vaccines. Government of KPK must reconsider tits this injustified step and recruit new staff for only polio duty, if they can not pressurise health visitors.

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