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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seven Saudis Jailed For Urging Protests On Facebook

Saudi Arabia has sentenced seven activists from its restive Eastern Province to prison terms ranging from five to 10 years for posting messages on Facebook calling for anti-government protests. Eastern Province has seen occasional protests by minority Shii'Muslims over the past two years against alleged discremination and negligence, which the Riyath government denies. Deputy director of Hukan Rights Watch of Middle East Joe Stork said," sending people to prison for peaceful Facebook posts sends s strong message that thee is no safe way to speak out in Saudi Arabia, even on online social network." Humanb Rights Watch only sees some discemination in Muslioim countries but they ignore the brutalities done by the USDA and other European countries. To attack some peaceful countries like Iraq and Afghanistan , killinmg of millions of innocent people is not noted by Human Rights people, Thery have no watch on Guantsana mo bay prisoners. They can not see the setence of a woman Aafia Siddique who they say fire on USA cop. Muslims still worship USA.

Plants Keep Account Of Storing Food At Night

Scientists got stunned when they found eveidences in biology of modern mathematics and accounts. British biologists studied a planr called Urby dopsis that is most suitable for this kind of experiments. Scientists found that plants have natural capability of calculation in arithmatics that helps in storing food at night. Team of scientists told E Life Journal that the estimation of the quantity of carbohydrates used in leaves at night is done in different cells with the help of arithmatic models. The astonishing thing in this research is that plants at night can not change glucose and carbohydrates to carbon dioxide due to absence of sunlight, they store the reserve of carbohydrates in such a quantity by means of calculations that suffice till rising of the sun. The experiments of the scientisdts indicate that plant has to initiate necessary calculation to store the usable quantity of carbohydrates. The head of the research team told BBC that plants carry out these calculations chemically that is astonishing for scientists too. Though this arithmatic calculations are lower than secondary school level but this is enough for the plants and they do it. The system present in the leaves of the plants measure the quantity of stored carbohydrate at night and the information about time is provided by a clock that is like biological clock present in the body of human being. Scientists say that if we use 'S' for the reserve of carbohydrates in plants and 'T ' for time, and 'S' be divided by 'T' i.e. reserve/time then the basic principle of the maintaining energy by plants is expressed. Prof Martin Howard say that this is the first solid proof of use of arithmatics in biology. However, the calculations done by plants is not like the human beings do but it is a chemical process. This process is also followed by birds to store fat while migratring from one place to another or laying eggs when they face scarcity of foods.

Indian Woman Releases A Video Of Jose And His Son In Compromising Position With Her

Indian police in the South state of Kerala is searching for a laptop useed by a lady to recoed her in a compromising position with former transport minister Jose Thattayil and his spon Adarsh with her. She has also accused Jose for going back on the promise to marry her with his son in exchange for repeated sex. The police team has found thast CD was edited to incorporate six different clips. Police wanted to access to the original unedited footage of the recoedings. Woman had claimed that she had handed over laptop to THettayil, following which police led by Sp raided his house. Thettayil is missing since the allegations surfaced last week. Police has registered a rape csse against the father and son duo. Woman also accused that she gave laptop to Thettayil when he promised to marry his son to her. Legal experts are of the opinion that woman has consensual sex with the two men and there vwas an attempt to blackmail the political leader.

Altaf Hussain Announces To Retire From Party Leadership

Head of MQM Altaf Hussain has voluntarily announced to leave party leadership. He said that Scotland Yard and London Metropolitan police had raided his house and picked several things and it was better for him to quit the party leadership. He said that if the killing case of Imran Farooq is presented against him in the court, he himself will defend it instead of hiring any lawyer. He said he will not present any barristar or sadvocate to interpret him in the court. He sdaid whether court gives verdit in his favor or against him, he will accept it. After his announcement of leaving party leadeship, thousands of workerrs gahered at MQM center Nine Zero in Karachi anf Hyderasbad. They were chanting slogans infavor of Altaf Hussain and asking him not to leave tyhe party leadership as they had no confidence in anybody except him. Altaf Hussain is a big 'Actor', he was weeping on the death of Dr Imran Farooq as his close relative was died but it was clearly visible that it was nothing but a nice performance of mourning. He announced his resignation several times from the party leadership but reversed it like Zardari's decisions within hours. Now, he will withdraw his decision too to quit leadership. As he annonced several times to quit coalition government of Zardari but he he withdrew his dicisions. Soon people will see some new drama.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Babies Depending On Breastfeeding Have Bright Future

According to a report the kids who get mother milk have betterchances of bright future and getting attractive jobs. Mother milk has positive impacts on the children development and have better resistance against infections. In Britain in a survey by The University College of London, the effects of mother milk on the social performance, as well as comparsons of children's with their parents were studied. The social status of a group of children born from 1958 to 1970 and fed mother milk was studied after 30 years and it was cocluded that those children who were fed mother milk gor better jobs compared to parents, hasd better social status better chances of progressing in life and were successful in the society than those those who did not got mother milk. Thery also exhibited eter performance on mental pressure test. Breast feeding is not only beneficial for the baboies but it is advantageous for mothers too. Thet have low risks of breast cancers. And to feed 500 calories daily, mothers can loose weight as well. Mopther milk also creats better contact and love between mother and the child.

I Will Not Not Hesitate To Show Body Curves In Movies---Huma Qureshi

Gaining fame with her body show off and acting in movies "Ganges Of WasePur", "Love Sholay" Chicken Ghara and Aik Thee Daen, Huma Qureshi has no hesitation to show body parts , if story of the film requires that, she said. She said if the film is shot only on the basis of opening the body, I do not like to perform in that. But, everybodt knows she will perform in each and every movies if director of te film wants to do so.

A 21-year old Woman Selling Her Virginity To The Highest BidderTo Pay For Higher Education

A 21-year-old woman named "Tamara" From Sam San Felipe is selling her virginity to the highest bidder for a good cause-to pay for higher education. The wopman recently posted the offer on Acancagua VIP, a Chilean escort site, claiming that she needed money to pay off her university debt. "Hi, I am Tamara, I am 21-years old and I am selling my virginity because I have a big debt with the school and my family can not pay it," the ad reads. " I need money, if not, I would not do this". The ad includes six pictures of Tamara seductively p[osing in her underwear, as well as some rules and guidelines for her many prospective buyers. She said she requires the winner to use protection and she can sell to individual men, couples or lesbians.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Pic As An Infant

Kim And Kemye West are yet to unveil a single pic of North West, but the fomer did take advantage of Throwback on instagram today. She posted a shot of herrself and mother Kris Jenner from way back in the day as little Kim clearly had a long way to go before she perfected the art of posing. As for Kim Kardashian's baby photos, people acy tually want to see? The ones youlikely hoped this post will feature. People's eyes are open, lids are peeled, many soucers are working through phones but nothing is there yet.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dax And Kristen Named Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians

It is very good time to be Kristen Bell. The actress is officially engaged to Dax Shepard, the Veronica Mars Movie is a go, and now PETA had dubbed both her and her fiance as the sexiest celeberity vegetarians.! The adorable parents to three-month old dauhter Lincoln represent the first couple to ever receive this honor.

A Secret Letter Was Written To Swiss Government To Close The Case Against Zardari

NRO implementation xase has taken a new turn. PPP government had written a second letter to Swiss authorities to keep the money laudering case against Zardari closed, which was against the directives of the supreme court and violation of the directions of the apex court. The court was kept unaware of the contents od second letter. Due to which the date for filing the appeal got expired. This happened exactly as the Blogger had expressed this fear already in a previous post. PPP government was so clever that it would have never written the letter according to the instruction of the apex court. Chief justice has termed the second letter as contemt of court and said that who had written letter will have to face consequences. Attorney general Munir A Malik said that a letter was written on November 05, 2012 according to the approved draft of the court to Swiss authorities but on November 22, 2012, a second letter was wriotten by secretary law Yasmeen Abbasi about withdrawing the first request of opening of the cases and keeping them closed. On the basis of this letter Swiss government decided to close the case and wrote a letter to Pakistan government on February 14, 2013 but letter was taken in custody by the previous government and was never discl;osed. The attorney general further told that on the directions of the government Pakistani Ambssador sent a copy of the letter to him on June 14 this year which he said he received on June 20. The appeal against the Swish court decision had to be filed within ten days but the datehad passed, however, now the appeal has been filed with the request to open the cases againstZardari.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oprah Tops Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity List

After two-years as a runner up, Oprah Winfrey was named the most powerful celebrity on Wednesday by Forbes, heading the six women and four men who make up the top 10. It was the fifth time the former talk showe host who runs her own TV network has headed the annual ranking of 100 celebrities. Singer Lady Gaga came in second, followed by director/producer Steven Spielberg and singers Beyonce and Maddona. "There is nobody else with thatt kind of consistency and power", said Doroyhy of "there are only three people who have been on every single one of our lists since 1999. It is Oprah, Howard Stern and Steven Spielberg." Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez who was No 1 last year dropped to 12th place. With earnings of $ 77 million from JUne 2012 to 2013, Winfrey was not the highest earning celebrity, an honor that went to Maddona who earned $ 125 million, but Forbes said Winfrey's position in Hollywood, and her prersence in the press, on television , and in the social media propelled her to the NO 1 spot. "She still wields an anormous amouint of power, which is really what we look in our fame matrix. She is taking this cable network and turning it just around through the sheer force of her will, her connection and her ability. (Continued)

Brother Killed Two Sisters Because They Shot Mobile Video Of Rainbath

When thje rainbath mobile video of two sisters(!5 and 16 years old) enjoying in their home under the rain, spread in the city and among other people, the brother Khatore along with his four friends killed his sisters. They also killed mother. The killing incident took place in Chalas, Gilgat entering in veils in the house of retired police officer Rahmat Nabi. The video was recorded six months ago but it came in hands of friends of their brothers, Brotyhers took it for thedefamation of the family and killed sisters. The four friends of Khatore have been arrested who confessed the killing.

People Who Never Suffer From Cancer And Diabetes

There are some unigue persons in the world who can never suffer two fatal diseases in their lives like canmcer and diabetes. These people are the citizens of Equador. It has been known that the Laren community of the Souhern America Equador has no IGF 1 hormone in their body naturally that causes cancer and diabetes. The short statured people have natural cells in their bodies that do not allow the creation of IGF 1 hormone in their bodies. Therefore these people never fell prey to cancer or diabetes. The population of this community is 300 who lives in a small village of Equador. They have height up to four feet. Medical experts have taken DNA from their bodies to prepare a medicine that can save the humanmity from these dangerous diseases like these Laren people.

British Police Has Shifted Altaf Hussain To A Safe Place?

Head of MQM Altaf Hussain has been provided additional security after shifting to a new place and Tames Valley police has been deployed for his security. London police has met the widow Shumaila of late Imran Farooq. The investigation team will also visit Pakistan. Interior minister has taken federal cabinet into confidence on the issue. When the team will come to Pakistan is being kept secret. The arrested Pakistan born Iftekhar Hussain has been released after 35 hours interogation till September. Pakistan has decided to give direct access to British Investigating Agency Scotland Yard to the two persons belonging to a political party who were arrestyed on Karachi airport. A plotical party is pressurising government not to give access to British police to accused persons. Government is also under pressure of a political party to remove Ch Nisar Ali Khan from the office. The British police were not allowed access to these guys in the previous regime because MQM was the part of coalition. Now Nisar Ali Khan is in favor of permitting Scotland Yard to interogate he accused in Pakistan.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan May Face Culpable Homicide Trial In Hit-and Run Case

Bolywood actor Salman Khan faces the possibility of being tried in culpable homicide in decade old hit- and run, a legal source with direct knowledge of the case has said. A local Mambai court ruled on Monday that hit and run case will be tried in the sessions court not the magistrate court where it was being heard earlier. The prosecution had asked for the to be tranferred to the session court as magistrate courts have no jurisdiction to try the cases of culpable homicides. Salman Khan had asked for the revision of that order but the court has rejected that which means the case will be held in sessions court and he could be tried for culpable homicide. The charge carries a masximum penality of 10 myears in jail, Khan was earlier tried for lesser charge of death by negligence which could attract a maximum term of two years jail. The 47-year old actor is accused of running his SUV on the pavement near a bakery in the suburbs of Bandrta Mambai, on September 28, 2001 killing one person and injuring four others.

The Penthouse London--- One Of The Most Expensive Buildings Of The World

Among the flates in the world, the most expensive building is Penthouse London situated in the Hyde Park area. Its estimated cost is $ 200 million. Penthouse's high cost can be guessed from price of its one square foot as 6,000 British pounds. Equipped with the latest and modern security system , the Penthouse is under the supervision of former commondos of British Special Elite Force, Its window pans are bullet proof and it has a tunnel linking it to nearby located "Mandrein Oriental Hotel" The hotel provides 24-hour service through its staff to the guests residing in the Penhouse. The fascinating beauty of Serpentine Lake adhescent to Hyde Park provides aatractive scenes and pleasant environment to the guests inspite of being located in the congested city. It is noteworthy that information about the owners of the Penthouse are minimal. However, according to the daily London Telegraph, the family members of rulers of Qatar are the owner of top two flours consisting of six bedrooms.

Acid Thrown On Pushto Actress Bushra

A film producer namely Shaukat threw acid on the pushto language film actress Bushra in Nowshera when she refused to marry him. She was immediately taken to lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, wher doctors say her 40 percent of the body has been burnt.

The Investigation Circle Of Imran Farooq Case Has Been Extended To South Africa

In the new development during the investigation of Imran Farooq's murder case British police has arrested Pakistan-born British citizen 52.year Iftekhar Hussain from Hathero airport,who is a close relative of a VIP. Police has also decided to question important Pakistani personality but due to his heath problem, he has not not been interogated yet. Police has also banned the exit from Britain of five members of a political party. Police is expecting more arrests with in next 24 hours. Sources say that Dr Imran's killing had political background. He wanted to creat a new political party, which caused his killing. He had also differences on tranfer of huge money to England. The arrested person Iftekhar is being inteogated in WEst London police station. His mobile data has been collected which helped in arresting more suspicions. Operation to bring culpritsd to book has been enhanced anf high level authorities are supervising the investigation process. The investigation has been extended to Canada, Pakistan and South Africa. The investigation team is committed to arrest the killers very soon and they have reached near the culprits.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Italian Fomer PM Berlusconi Found Guilty Of Paying For Sex

A Milan court sentenced former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi today to seven years in jail and banned him from public office after finding him guilty of paying for sex with a minor and abusing his powers of office to cover up the affair. The verdict adds to mounting the complications facing prime minister Enrico Letta, whose fragile left-right wing coalition government is supported by Berlusconi's centre-right People Of Freedom (PDL) party. Berlusconi was found guilty of paying for sex with former teenaged nighclub dancer Karima El Mahroug, better known under her stage name "Ruby The Heartstealer", during the now notorious "bunga bunga" sex parties at his palatial home near Milan. The panel of three judges, all women, also found the 78-year old premier guilty of abuse of office by asrranging to have her released from police custody when she was a detained in a separate theft case. Berlusconi will not to have serve any jail time unless the setence is confirmed on appeal.

Snowden- Man Who Leaked US Government Surveillance Program Is On The Run

Edward Snowden the man who leaked the details of US Government's surveillance program is on the run in Moscow and is seeking asylum in Equador. A onetime contract analyst of National Security Agency (NSA), Snowden who was in Hong Kong, but left after US sought his extradition. He landed in Moscow, where a CNN crtew spotted a car with diplomatic plates and Equadorian flag at the Russian capital's International airport. Wikileaks, which facilitates of the classified information, is reportedly aiding the NSA whistleblower's efforts to seek asylum on foreign soil. The group did not disclose which will be Snowden's final destination. Equador has given the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange refuge in its London Embassy in 2912, after he tried and failed to find extradition to Sweden. The Us is asking Equador, Cuba and Venezuela not to admit Snowden. Snowden 'left Hong Kong legally' and is headed to Equador via a safe route for the purpose of asylum' Wikileaks said in a statement issued Sunday. He is accopanied by diplomates and lawyers for Wikileaks including former Spanish judge Baltssar Garzon, Wikileaks said. " the Wikileaks legal team and I are interested in presenting Mr Snowden's rights and protecting him as a person, said Garzon." " what is being done to Snowden and Assange- for making or facilitating disclosures in the public interest -is an assault against the people" Snowden admitted that he was the source of leaking classified documents about the NSA's surveillance programs to the British Newspaper the Guardian. The documents revealed the existence of programs that collect the records of telephone calls in America and monitor the intenet activities of overseas residents. The revelations of Wikileaks rocked the Obama administration and the US intelligence coimminity, raising questions asbout NSA's secret operations. The US government said that it will charge Snowden with espionage and theft of government property and asked Hong Kong authorities to hold him. The US government had also asked Hong Kong to issue a provisional arrest warrant for Snowden but Hong Kong but hong Kong did not comply( Sorry Master! There were your slave Pakistan, with movement of your lips the slave would have laid down snowden). US government is defending surveillance program and recording details of phone calls. Lsast week Snowden told South China Morning Post that Us intelligence agents have been hacking computer networkd in Hong Kong and China for years. Snowden said he fled with classified documents after taking leave from his job as intelligence analyst for NSA. A series of blog post this week purportedly by Snowden said he leaked classified details about said program because Obama worsened ' abusive' practices. Snowden added he will have to get out of the USA before the leaks were published worldwide to avoid being targetted by the government.

Sharapova Vs Serena--- On Court Serena Rules, But Off It Maria Wins To Love

Forget their on-court-rivalry. They will be back shortly at Wimblden and providing us with some of the greatest women's tennis in recent years. For a brief period there was Andre Aggasi and Brooke Shields, Liz Taylor and few others in the stands for him. But for the most part tennis got too hard for the players to do anything but play. The gloves are off and Serena Willaiams and Maria Sharapova are having a cat fight right out in the open. At the heart of it is a man involved in their lives --personally or professionally. So how we can pick a winner in his game. Let they may be matched up. The Game ons now. New ball please Sharaova is to serve hahaha ok let us see and hear. In a coference ahead of this week's Wimbleden Championships, Sharapova served the opening salvo, " If Serenas wants to talk something personal, she should talk about her relationship and about her boyfriend who was married and who is getting divorce and who has kids- and now draw attention to other things" What was she on about? And now comments by Serena, "Serena told in an Interview in Amerca rthat Sharapova was 'boring' then she is quoted as saying," She begins every interview with, 'i am so happy, i am so lucky' it is so boring. She is still not invited to the cool parties. And hey! if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart (Dimitrov), go for it.' So who are the men at the heart of the battle. Sharapova is talking about her relationship with married tennis coach Patrick Mouratragglou And Serena's black heart man refers to Gregor Dimitirov- who Sharapova is dating. Wait for it, he is Serena's ex-boyfriend. Both Sharapova and Williams are fasionistas at their own right. On and off the court. Their outfits for each slam are as eagerly awaited as their on-court clashes. Both are not shy about getting out there dressing up and posing. In fact Sharapova has recently lauched her own fasion brand.

Is There Any Government?

The transport bewteen Rawalpindi andIslamabad is off the road for the last four days but government, if there is any, does not care for the difficulties of the people. Every time when government wantsto take action against the illegal steps of tranporters like gas cylinder dispute or gas prices, the wagon plying betwee the twin cities is take of the road. Government can not help the people but always decides in favor of transporters. Can government is unable to permit buses as had been plying a few years back in the roads like Varan or any Lahore Metero type buses? What is government for? Government can not implement its guinine deisdions on any tranporter but causes difficulties for the people. Hell to the democracy and governments constituted after this socalled democray. This democray has always created difficulties for the common masses. Only dictatoship suits to this country which is called Pakistan. Or Taliban type government is needed in this country to staighten the law breakers. or military government will work here.

Scotland Yard Is Seeking Permission For Access To Jailed Persons In Pakistan Regarding Dr Imran's Murder Case

Scoptland Yard has contacted inerior ministry of Pakistan to give access to two suspicious persons jailed in Karachi in connection with Dr Imran Farooq's murder casse through which a major breakthrough is expected inthis regard. The London police had already contacted government of Pakistan in PPP government's tenure but due to having alliance of the PPP with MQM the access to the accused was denied. The two men who are suspicious in the case and are said to get out of England and fled to Sri Lanka after killing but were arrested at Karachi airport by the agencies while entering Pakistan. Interior ministry has assured the London police for the cooperation and the matter has been referred to the PM as it isa case of political nature. case

New Evidences Are Being Searched For Re-Opening Swiss Cases Against Zardari

Consultaion is being done by the government to file fresh application in Swiss court to re-open cases against Asif Zardari. Government is preparing line of action to convince swiss court for reopening of the cases and new evidences are being searched in this regard to provide groung for the purpose. Swiss government had informed Pakistan that the fixed time for reopening of cases and for registrating appeal against the xases has been expired so it is not possible for swiss authorities to open the cases again. The legal advisors of Zardari were too clever who delayed the application for re-opening the cases against him for which one prime minister was sacrificed and other delayed the letter in this regard which caused the epiry of the final date of opening and filing appeal against the cases. However, it is possible to get the national money from the Swiss Banks if government is serious because there cold different ways to do do. That money is Pakistani nation and is known to the world , only proofs have to be provided by Pakistan.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Twenty-Five Local Local Tour Guides Have Been Arrested In Connection With Killing Of Foreign Mountaraires

Twent-five local tour guides were arrested in connection with the killings vof foreign mountainners in Gilgat Baltistan. Security forces also took two eyewitnesses for questioning. The victims include two Pakistanis, three Chinese, five Ukranians, and one Russian tourist. Three injured tourists were shifted to hospital. Astonishingly, government is hiding its weakness behind arresting the poor guides, who only earn their livings during the days mountaineers or tourists come to the Northern Areas. This is planned murder and trained terrorists can do the job, no poor tourists guides can be involved. All this is Indian by Indian and Afghani terrorists who are paid by these countries. Neither the real Afghan Taliban nor Pakistanio Taliban can be held for the incident. Why government lodge strong protest to these countries. India is favoite nation of the government and the QAfghanistan is love-bird of America. The coward government woould do nothing exceot damaging its brotherly relations with freindly countrioes. its relation

Kim's Breasts Are Working Overtime These Days

KimKardashian's breasts are working overtime these days. Always a busy pair of mammary glands, theyy are occupied nearly round the clock by baby North West, as the new mom is all about breastfeeding. According to inside, Kim's already sizable rack has swelled to record-size G-CUP LEVEl, following her pregnancy, but that is good with her. She will take them out anytime, anywhere. The 32-year actively looks forward to her 'feeding' with North West and changes her dirty- diapers to boots, 'she does it all" one close source says. Kim Kardashian critic will note that in 2010, sje ripped a mom on Twitter for breastfeeding at a restaurant, but clearly opinions change one it is yours. Nice to see Kim has taken to motyherhood like a baby to a--- yopu lnow Sorry Ye looks like they are occupied gor awhile ther, man. Speaking of baby daddy, sources say despite of all rumors Kenye ditching them, no one has seen him like this and he is natural dad. Nice to hear these two puvlicly-cerazed stars seeminglt content with laying low focusing on what really matters now.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Farrah's Debute Of Her Upgraded Boob Job With Potent Nipple Slip

Frrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) wss killed in a car accident. Let therre be no doubt about it, Farrah Abraham is one classy babe. She commemorated the debute of her upgraded boob job with a minor but potent nipple slip at the Sapphire Pool and Day Club in Las Vegas, Awsome! At least a strip club pool party made for an appropriate venue. The Teen Mom alum, who enthusiastically noted that she went from C to D -cup following the success of Farrah Abraham porn, could not be contained. She spilled out of her bikini whilst posing for photos at her hosting gig, but it only enhancerd the fun, according to Sappire Pool's Twitter. "@F1 Abraham having a blast here at @SapphireDayClub #Teen Mom #Sexy #Milf" The world's largest Gentleman's Club", Tweeted during the party. They followed up later with "it was great spending the day w/ gorgeous @F1 Abraham! Come back soon love, # Frisky Friday #Vegas # Pool Party." In other, slightly more SFW risque Farrah news; She says she completely outshines Kim Kardashian in all facets of life. She believes co-star James Deen is overrated in the bedroom. She told Howard Stern that she pleasures herself to her porn tape. Charlei Sheen says she has been drinking atagnant douche aqua.

Dr Imran Farooq's Muder Case Takes A New Turn

Meteropolitan Police London has completed the 55 hours long search operation in two houses regasrding Imran Farooq's killing. According to ploce Suka was also accompanying in thesearch operation, that dealswith money laundering and whiter collar crimes. Police claims to take in custody some important documents during the search. police is also keeping in view the transaction of huge amount of money that may have caused disputes and murder of Imran. Police has already said that killing can also be due to political differences. THe search operation that lasted for more than 55 hours in two houses, one of which belongs to an important personality of Pakistan and other belongs to a Pakistani Iftekhar. The Pakistani VIP purchased this house in 2001 for 1.2 million pounds and Suka agency is also carrying out investigation against the VIP about money laudering and more expenses than earnings. Sources say that according to the details the VIP's Bank Net West account 12 times 4.5 million pounds amount was transferreed between 2001 to 2005. And during December 2005, the account was closeed after tranferring 2.0 million pounds in three transactions to a new account. The accounts numbers in which transaction had been taking place from June 25 2001 to December 23, 2005 (12 Times) were 13616005 and 65030192. Police is also investigating the sources of tranferring and income of the account hoder.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meera Wants To Competet With Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra

Pakistani actress Mera said she believes in competition and wants to compete with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. Meera said that if both of us came together inb a film, the people will decide who performed better. She said I want to do challenging role and if given chance i can prove my merits. Lollywood actress Meera who debuted in hindi films with 2004 movie 'Nazar' is currently busy in promoting her forthcoming movie 'Bhadaas'. The film is expecte to be released on Juky 28. Meera knows what merits are required to get chance in Indian movies? What the producers and directors want from Pakistani actresses to give them minor role in Indian movies. Veena and Meera knows all the vtactics to attract Indian filmmakers so they will get chances again and again for that price that they are ready to pay all the time every time.

Rupees Five Million Wrist Watch Of PM Nawaz Sharif

Prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is a big icon, an industrial icon no doubt, but he is the prime minister of a 99 percent of poor people of Pakistan. A wrist precious watch having price of five million PKR on his wrist does suit him that he would have never used to watch the time because people around him care for his time and schedule. When the rulers themselves do not set an example of austerity how can they make their MNA's MPA's and other VIPs to follow simpliocity in personal lives. It means what is claimed and raised as slogans will never come true and the fate of the poor Pakistanis will remain the same. The decrease in the expenses of PM house or governor houses will never be done as it has been seen in the first two weeks of new governmment. How long Pakistani nation will present sacrifices? Thatr they have been giving for the last more than half century.

Drama Actress Sajal Ali Received Bhata Chit(Extortion Chit) In Karachi

Pakistani Drama actress Sajal Ali was receive an Extortion chit (Bhata Parchi) to pay Rs 400,000, otherwise she herself and her family will have to face severe consequences. This message made her scared and too upset. Sajal Ali had shifted to Karachi a few week ago to work in Tv dramas there. But now she hass decided not to stay in Karachi anymore. The extortionists also directed her not to inform police or media, otherwise they will act immediately on their threat. Scared Sajal Ali is thinking to move back to Lahore.

Driver Caught With Employer's Wife In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Religious Police arrested a Bangla Deshi private driver after catching him with employer's wife in her car late at night. Members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Protection of Vice were on a routine night patrol in the western Saudi town of Makkah when they saw a Prado-four-wheel vehicle parked outside late at night. When they came close to the car, they found couple in an "Intimate position" while the woman's husband was visiting London, Ilsharq daily said. The 27-year driver confessed to having affair with the woman, who 'burst into crying' after she was caught with him. 'the driver was arrested and taken to the police station pending trial while the woman was freed and handed over to her guasrdian to avert a scandal' the paper said with out identifying the woman.

Selena And Ed Sheeran Hooking Up

Justin Bieber may want to avert his eyes before he reads this, hops in his Ferrari and terrorizes the streets of Calabasas at highway speeds in fit or rage. Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran are totalling hitting it. "They are hooking up!" says one insider, noting that the matchmaker was none other than Gomez's close pal Taylor Swift, currently topuring with Sheeran. We all remember Swift's reaction when she last saw Gomez and Bieber kissing, so it is little surprise she is looking to steer Selena elsewhere!. As for Sheeran, the 22-year old singer said he was single at the MuchMusic Video Awards, but when asked about being set up with Selena, he responded, "I would not complain." Guess Not!. The attraction for the 20-year old Gomez, per a second source is the UK native's maturity compared to that of increasinglty Justin Bieber. "She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child" says a source quoted by US Weekly. "This is a nice escape from the the drama." The final straw was reporterdly Hustin's flirting with Miley Cyrus though that report was not confirmed. Wharever the reason they are no longer a thing. A close friend to mSelena says Gomez and Bieber "are totaslly done" and not even hooking up anymore. while she is having fun with Sheeran. They are friends with open mind, another source says, likely meaning basically that they enjoy pawing with another vigoriously with oput label yet. "He is sensitive and sweet and a lot deeper than Justin" Given his behaviour lately -that is not saying a whole lot but here is hoping Selena and Ed, if in fact they hooking up, are having a great time of it.