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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Indian Woman Releases A Video Of Jose And His Son In Compromising Position With Her

Indian police in the South state of Kerala is searching for a laptop useed by a lady to recoed her in a compromising position with former transport minister Jose Thattayil and his spon Adarsh with her. She has also accused Jose for going back on the promise to marry her with his son in exchange for repeated sex. The police team has found thast CD was edited to incorporate six different clips. Police wanted to access to the original unedited footage of the recoedings. Woman had claimed that she had handed over laptop to THettayil, following which police led by Sp raided his house. Thettayil is missing since the allegations surfaced last week. Police has registered a rape csse against the father and son duo. Woman also accused that she gave laptop to Thettayil when he promised to marry his son to her. Legal experts are of the opinion that woman has consensual sex with the two men and there vwas an attempt to blackmail the political leader.

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