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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Babies Depending On Breastfeeding Have Bright Future

According to a report the kids who get mother milk have betterchances of bright future and getting attractive jobs. Mother milk has positive impacts on the children development and have better resistance against infections. In Britain in a survey by The University College of London, the effects of mother milk on the social performance, as well as comparsons of children's with their parents were studied. The social status of a group of children born from 1958 to 1970 and fed mother milk was studied after 30 years and it was cocluded that those children who were fed mother milk gor better jobs compared to parents, hasd better social status better chances of progressing in life and were successful in the society than those those who did not got mother milk. Thery also exhibited eter performance on mental pressure test. Breast feeding is not only beneficial for the baboies but it is advantageous for mothers too. Thet have low risks of breast cancers. And to feed 500 calories daily, mothers can loose weight as well. Mopther milk also creats better contact and love between mother and the child.

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