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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Altaf Hussain Announces To Retire From Party Leadership

Head of MQM Altaf Hussain has voluntarily announced to leave party leadership. He said that Scotland Yard and London Metropolitan police had raided his house and picked several things and it was better for him to quit the party leadership. He said that if the killing case of Imran Farooq is presented against him in the court, he himself will defend it instead of hiring any lawyer. He said he will not present any barristar or sadvocate to interpret him in the court. He sdaid whether court gives verdit in his favor or against him, he will accept it. After his announcement of leaving party leadeship, thousands of workerrs gahered at MQM center Nine Zero in Karachi anf Hyderasbad. They were chanting slogans infavor of Altaf Hussain and asking him not to leave tyhe party leadership as they had no confidence in anybody except him. Altaf Hussain is a big 'Actor', he was weeping on the death of Dr Imran Farooq as his close relative was died but it was clearly visible that it was nothing but a nice performance of mourning. He announced his resignation several times from the party leadership but reversed it like Zardari's decisions within hours. Now, he will withdraw his decision too to quit leadership. As he annonced several times to quit coalition government of Zardari but he he withdrew his dicisions. Soon people will see some new drama.

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