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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seven Saudis Jailed For Urging Protests On Facebook

Saudi Arabia has sentenced seven activists from its restive Eastern Province to prison terms ranging from five to 10 years for posting messages on Facebook calling for anti-government protests. Eastern Province has seen occasional protests by minority Shii'Muslims over the past two years against alleged discremination and negligence, which the Riyath government denies. Deputy director of Hukan Rights Watch of Middle East Joe Stork said," sending people to prison for peaceful Facebook posts sends s strong message that thee is no safe way to speak out in Saudi Arabia, even on online social network." Humanb Rights Watch only sees some discemination in Muslioim countries but they ignore the brutalities done by the USDA and other European countries. To attack some peaceful countries like Iraq and Afghanistan , killinmg of millions of innocent people is not noted by Human Rights people, Thery have no watch on Guantsana mo bay prisoners. They can not see the setence of a woman Aafia Siddique who they say fire on USA cop. Muslims still worship USA.

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