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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pakistan Is No Less Than Any Developed Country In Nuclear Technology In The World

Pakistan’s nuclear programme has made some extraordinary progress by developing one of the world’s smartest nuclear tactical devices, it has been learnt.
According to a western diplomat, the former dictator and the then President General Pervez Musharraf, during one of his meetings with US officials, had deemed it proper to convey it to the Americans what Pakistan possessed and how the country’s nuclear scientists had secured the defense of Pakistan.
The diplomatic source said that New Delhi also knows what Pakistan has produced and what is really unmatched. The Indians got this source said and believed that Musharraf intentionally conveyed this to the Americans so that the country is not treated by the US like Afghanistan and Iraq Pakistan is neither a signatory to NPT nor CTBT, however, it has unilaterally decided to use its nuclear programme only as deterrence against any foreign aggression.
After becoming the target of the Western capitals particularly Washington, which have been unleashing all sorts of propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Islamabad has developed one of the most credible and foolproof command and control systems for its nuclear programme. The US authorities have acknowledged the credibility and security of Pakistan’s nukes.
Wikipedia quotes a Washington-based science think tank as saying that Pakistan is increasing its capacity to produce plutonium at its Khushab nuclear facility. The website said that the estimated Pakistani nuclear weapons was probably in the neighbourhood of more than 200 by the end of 2009.
It, however, adds that the actual size of Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile is hard for experts to gauge owing to the extreme secrecy, which surrounds the programme. Pakistan’s nuclear programme was started by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto while the country conducted its nuclear test on May 28, 1998 during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure.
Pakistan should not stop its nuclear development and progress and tell the world that Pakistani people, nuclear scientists and the army are united for the security and safety of the country. Whatever, the politicians do that is their job to do but people and the Pak army will make the country unbeatable will not compromise on the sovereignty and respect of the country by other nations.

Being Around A Smoker Tied To Heart Failure Of Non-Smokers

If you have chronic heart failure, being around a smoker may be bad for your physical and mental well-being, a new study suggests.
Researchers found that of 205 non-smokers with heart failure, those who regularly breathed in secondhand smoke reported more problems in their day-to-day functioning physical and emotional.
The findings, reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine, do not prove that other people's smoke was to blame.
But they add to the large body of evidence tying secondhand smoke to heart disease, researchers say.
A number of studies have found that non-smokers who regularly breathe in other people's tobacco smoke have an increased risk of developing heart disease.
This latest study suggests that secondhand smoke may also affect a heart failure patient's quality of life, according to the researchers, led by Dr. Kirsten E. Fleischmann of the University of California, San Francisco. "In my opinion, patients with heart failure should definitely avoid secondhand smoke exposure -- both to minimize the risk of cardiac events such as heart attacks and because of the effects on health-related quality of life that we documented," Fleischmann told Reuters Health in an email.
Heart failure is a chronic condition in which the heart can no longer pump blood efficiently enough to meet the body's needs, which leads to symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness and swelling in the limbs.
People can develop heart failure due to a condition that damages the heart muscle, like a heart attack or poorly controlled high blood pressure.
It's possible, according to Fleischmann's team, that secondhand smoke could worsen the situation by impairing blood-vessel function, or increasing inflammation in the blood vessels.
The findings are based on questionnaires and tests from 205 heart failure patients at the researchers' medical center.
One questionnaire focused on "health-related quality of life," which asked about everyday physical and emotional well-being.
Overall, one-quarter of the patients said they were exposed to secondhand smoke at least one hour out of every week. And they scored lower on measures of emotional well-being, and physical and emotional "role" meaning they had more physical limitations and emotional problems keeping them from their usual daily routines.
On average, their scores on those measures were 11 to 22 points lower than those of people not exposed to secondhand smoke.
That's a significant difference, Fleischmann said akin to effects linked to certain chronic diseases, including heart failure itself.
It's possible, Fleischmann noted, that some other factor, rather than secondhand smoke, accounts for the lower quality of life.
The researchers tried to factor in those things like whether people exposed to secondhand smoke were older or in poorer overall health. But they could not control for every variable that could affect a person's health-related quality of life.
Regardless, heart failure patients would be wise to steer clear of tobacco smoke, according to Fleischmann.
Smokers who have a family member with heart failure can help by not smoking around them, Fleischmann said. "But the best way, of course, is for family members to quit smoking," she added. "This protects both their health and that of their loved one.

Justin Bieber Named As Vastly Serarched Singer On Search Engine

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber was named the most searched person this year on Internet search engine Bing on Monday, edging out reality TV star Kim Kardashian and “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston.
In a survey conducted by the search engine, Bieber fever took over Bing in 2011 as the Canadian singer, 17, moved from last year’s No. 6 position to become the most searched name and musician, based on billions of search queries during the year.
Bieber was the only male to feature in the top 10 list, as Kardashian fell from last year’s No. 1 position and Aniston moved from last year’s No. 9 position to No. 3 this year, with her rising profile attributed to a burgeoning film career and highly-publicized private life. Actresses Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox and singers Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus rounded out most searched names.

Facebook Will Require User Consent For Changes To Privacy Setting

Facebook will be required to get user consent for certain changes to privacy settings as part of a settlement of federal charges that it deceived consumers and forced them to share more personal information than they intended.
The settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission will also subject the company, which is reported to preparing a $10 billion initial public offering, to 20 years of independent audits. "I'm the first to admit that we've made a bunch of mistakes," co-founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a lengthy post on the company's official blog on Tuesday.
He said a few "high-profile" mistakes, such as changes to the service's privacy policy two years ago, "have often overshadowed much of the good work we've done."
To ensure that Facebook did a better job, Zuckerberg said the company had created two new corporate privacy officer positions to oversee Facebook products and policy.
In its complaint, the FTC said that Facebook had repeatedly violated laws against deceptive and unfair practices. For example, it said Facebook promised users that it would not share personal information with advertisers, but it did.
Also, the company had failed to warn users that it was changing its website in December 2009 so that certain information that users had designated as private, such as their "Friends List," would be made public, the FTC said.
Chris Conley, policy attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California said the settlement "makes it clear that companies can't simply change the rules without asking users' permission."
But he said that to keep pace with new technology, there was a need for new laws and tools. "We shouldn't have to struggle with complicated and constantly shifting privacy settings just to keep control of our own personal information," Conley said.
Facebook, which has more than 800 million users, has often been criticized for its privacy practices since its founding in a Harvard dorm room in 2004.
Earlier this year, the company came under fire for practices related to its use of facial recognition technology to automatically identify people appearing in the photos that are shared on the service.
On a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, FTC officials said the settlement did not expressly cover the use of facial recognition technology.
They noted, however, that it was broadly crafted so that it would prevent Facebook from deceiving consumers going forward.
If Facebook is found to have violated any of the provisions of the settlement, the company is subject to fines of $16,000 per day for each violation, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said. "Nothing in this order will restrict Facebook's ability to innovate," said Leibowitz. But, he added, "Facebook's innovation does not have to come at the expense of consumer privacy."
Under the settlement, which must be approved by an FTC administrative law judge, Facebook is barred from being deceptive about how it uses personal information, and is required to get permission before changing the visibility of the personal information users have posted.
The settlement follows a similar agreement in March between the FTC and Google Inc over the Web search leader's rollout of its own social network called Buzz.
In 2010, the FTC settled charges with Twitter, after the agency alleged that the social networking service had failed to safeguard users' personal information.
Ray Valdes, an analyst at industry research firm Gartner, said he did not think the timing of the settlement was directly related to Facebook's IPO plans.
"I don't think it's directly tied to the IPO. The IPO is still off in the distance," he said, but added: "There's some connection. I'd make more of a direct link if this was happening in January."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will The Future Of Libya Be Worst Or Better Than Qazzafi Era?

The leader of the Ekhwan Ul Muslameen Suleman Abdul Qadir when asked whether his movement would join interim givernment , he told that some of the members of Ekhwan Ul Muslameen can join the government on the basis of their ability and illegibility. However, they as a party would not be the part of interim government. New leadership of the party was elected during the congress held in Bin Ghazi after 25 years.It was also considered whether to participate in the election with the same name or to constitute a new political party. Seven hundred participants attended the congress and noteworthy thing was that Libyan minister for religious affairs Salmul Shanki and defense minister Jala ud Dakheeli as well as important members of national interim council also participated in the inaugural session. According to media reports the congress was welcomed by all the walks of life on a large scale. The participants of the congress included intellectuals and highly educated personalities who were speaking English fluently.
Suleman Abdul Qadir is an Engineer and was living exile life in Qazzafi era like many other opposition leaders in London. The movement of Ekhwan ul Muslameen started when Libyan students were in Egypt for study. They got influenced by the ideology and struggle of Ekhwan ul Muslameen. On other hand many people of this movement migrated to Libya considering it safe country because of astrocities on them by their respective governments. These refugees Ekhwan people had greater impact through their cultural and social activities on the Libyan society. Though they were not working as as an organized party.

US-Pak Relations Are At Worst Points In Memory--US General

US-Pakistani relations are at one of their worst points in memory after the NATO strike that killed 24 Pakistani troops, but can recover, Washington's top military officer said on Monday.
General Martin Dempsey said Pakistani anger was justified given the loss of life. But he declined to offer an apology, saying during a trip to London that he did not know enough yet about the weekend incident and that there was a US military investigation. "They have reason to be furious that they have 24 soldiers that are dead, and that the ordinance that killed them was the ordinance of a partner," Dempsey, chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Britain's reporters. "I would certainly like to enlist their patience in helping us figure out what happened."
Pakistan's military said the strike was unprovoked but a Western official and an Afghan security official who both requested anonymity have said NATO troops were responding to fire from the Pakistani side of the Afghan border.
Asked about US-Pakistani relations, Dempsey said: "It certainly does look like it's on about as rocky a road as it has been in my memory. And my memory with Pakistan goes back some 20 years or so."
Questioned whether the situation was irretrievable, he said: "No. I don't think so."
Dempsey branded the relationship with Pakistan "troubled" when he addressed a forum in London.
Pakistan shut NATO supply routes into Afghanistan in retaliation for the killings.
Dempsey said the United States could cope with the cut-off by channelling supplies through alternative routes. "But I'd like to believe that we could, over time, with Pakistan's approval, restore those lines of communication," he said.
Pakistan has also said it had ordered the United States to vacate a drone base in the country.
Dempsey, who declined to acknowledge the use of drones at the base, said the move would be a "serious act in terms of our relationship". "They want us to close the base in Shamsi, the purpose of which I leave to your imagination. There are other options for stationing aircraft and other resources around the region," Dempsey said.
Asked whether it was a serious blow, he said: "It's a serious blow in the sense that the Pakistani government felt that they needed to deny us the use of a base that we've been using for many years.
"And so it's serious in that regard. It's not debilitating militarily."
Dempsey said ties at senior levels between the two nations' militaries were still strong at the "person-to-person" level

Major Defection In Bashr Al Asad's Guard Force

The grip of the ruling Asad family in Syria on the present situation has weakened. The major part of the army that was deployed on the security of Bashr Al Asad and was busy in crushing the protesters violently, is defecting. A group of defected army men that was constituted under the name of Free Syrian Army(FSA) this year in July is numbering to more than 1000 and some people say may be as large as 25000. The spokesman of Military Council constituted by rebellions, Major Maher Ul Naeemi said that defections from government forces reached to several thousands and they are organising it in the form a brigade. He said that Bashr ul Asad will have to deploy 3 brigades to fight against their one brigade.The spokesman further said that Asad had 12 brigade military, collectively, but he was about to lay knees.He said that the faithful army of Asad wanted to concentrate on the border of Turkey to stop the defected personnel to occupy any town near the border. But they knew the capabilities of Asad's military and they can not stay before the freedom fighters.
Major Maher says that they will distribute their army in different districts as the Libyan fighters did, separating the areas from government rule and start fighting against the Asad's army. He said that Asad's brigade 4 had tried to ambush the revolutionary citizens and rebellion forces in Hamlat and Olab districts but freedom fighters have adapted strategy of destroying and damaging maximum lives of the Asad's forces and to save the lives of their own fighters.
The rebellion group not only stronger in number but their strategy is also proving effective. They are paralyzing the forces of Asad. They have attacked the centers of intelligence of Air Force during the last week so that to cripple the capability of air force of attacking the protestors.

USA Is Here To Stay And Plans To Set De Facto Base In Northern Australia---Obama

The United States clearly wants to encircle China, a prominent Chinese military commentator said on Monday in some of the bluntest criticism of President Barack Obama's recent diplomatic push into the Asia-Pacific region.
People's Liberation Army Major General Luo Yuan, well-known for his hawkish views, made the warning in a commentary about Obama's visit to Asia that was published on the website of the People's Daily (, the top paper of China's ruling Communist Party.
Earlier this month, Obama told Asia-Pacific leaders that the United States was "here to stay," announced plans to set up a de facto military base in northern Australia and chided China for refusing to discuss its South China Sea disputes at regional forums.
"The United States is making much of its 'return to Asia', has been positioning pieces and forces on China's periphery, and the intent is very clear this is aimed at China, to contain China," Luo wrote in the commentary, which quickly spread across the Chinese Internet. "The United States has committed a fatal strategic error. It has misjudged its foes, it has placed its strategic focus in the wrong location, and its strategic means are wrong," wrote Luo.
The comments do not represent official policy -- Beijing has reacted to Obama's diplomatic push with calls for cooperation.
But they do illustrate the undercurrents of nationalist ire with Washington that Beijing's policy-makers face.
Luo was among several PLA officer/pundits who lambasted U.S. policy earlier last year, before both governments moved to ease tensions over Taiwan, Tibet and other disputes.
Analysts have said that although the PLA is firmly under the thumb of China's Communist Party, officer-analysts have been given some leeway to strike a tougher tone in their comments.
Later in 2010, however, Chinese President Hu Jintao made clear that he could ill-afford a new round of tensions that might sour ties with Washington ahead of 2012, when he retires from power and the U.S. is focused on its presidential race.
Hu admonished the military for letting officers speak on sensitive disputes, a scholar familiar with official discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity told Reporters earlier.
But Luo, at least, appears emboldened to speak out again.
He said the United States should keep focused on its "war on terror" against Islamist militants. "China has not provoked U.S. interests, so what are you doing running to Asia to encircle China?," wrote Luo. "If you shift your strategic focus to the Asia-Pacific, who will protect your own backyard. Don't you worry about a second September 11 incident?," he asked, referring to the devastating 2001 attacks on New York and Washington D.C.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stronger Political Coomitment To Child Health Can Prevent Rise In Mortality Rates

The World Health Organisation warned on Saturday that only a stronger political commitment to child health could prevent a dangerous rise in mortality rates at a time of global economic turmoil.
WHO Director General Margaret Chan told the opening of a maternal and child health event in the Uzbek capital Tashkent that mortality rates had reached their lowest levels in more than a generation in the past decade. "During the previous decade, the number of under-five deaths dropped well below 10 million (per year) for the first time in almost six decades and kept on dropping," Chan said. "The figure now standing at 7.6 million deaths worldwide."
The biggest maternal mortality rate declines were reported in East Asia and North America, where they reached around 60 percent, she said.
But Chan warned that even the world's richer nations had recorded no recent improvements and called a recent spike in food prices a worrying sign.
"Historically these intentions, expressions and concerns have not been met by the highest level of political commitments" at a time of economic uncertainty, Chan said.
She noted that her Central Asian host country of Uzbekistan "enjoys the highest level of political commitments" to child care issues since its 1991 independence from Moscow.
"This country has well functioning immunisation campaign with excellent and sensitive surveillance. This is the absolutely critical asset when protecting the health of children," Chan said.
Uzbek President Islam Karimov promised at the event's opening to commit a "further $1.5 billion in the coming years" to maternal and child health care issues.
International human rights groups have criticized Uzbekistan's recent family planning program for allegedly including the forced sterilization of women.
The Uzbek health ministry has repeatedly denied the charge.

WikiLeaks Recognised In Australia For "Outstanding Contribution to Journalism",

WikiLeaks has been recognised in Australia for its "outstanding contribution to journalism", with founder Julian Assange lashing out at "cowardly" Prime Minister Julia Gillard in an acceptance speech.
The anti-secrecy website was lauded at the annual Walkley Awards, where winners are chosen by an independent panel of journalists and photographers, for its courageous reporting of secret US cables. "WikiLeaks applied new technology to penetrate the inner workings of government to reveal an avalanche of inconvenient truths in a global publishing coup," the Walkley trustees said in bestowing the award on Sunday evening.
"Its revelations, from the way the war on terror was being waged, to diplomatic bastardy, high-level horse-trading and the interference in the domestic affairs of nations, have had an undeniable impact."
The whistle blowing website has published thousands of cables in which US diplomats give their often candid views on world leaders, to Washington's acute embarrassment.
Assange, an Australian citizen who has previously blasted Canberra for not doing enough to protect him in the fallout from the leaks, was scathing of the government in accepting the accolade in a pre-recorded video message.
"The Gillard government has shown its true colors in relation to how it's handled US pressure on WikiLeaks," he said in footage shown on SBS television which broadcast the awards.
"Australian journalists are courageous, the Australian population is supportive, but Julia Gillard is a cowardly Australian prime minister.
"As Australians we shall not despair, as long as we can speak out, as long as we can publish, and as long as the Internet remains free, we will continue to fight back, armed with the truth," he added.
Assange has spent much of the last year under virtual house arrest in Britain since he was detained in December 2010 over claims of rape and sexual assault made by two women in Sweden.
He has strongly denied the allegations against him, claiming they are politically motivated and linked to the activities of WikiLeaks.
The former computer hacker is currently appealing a decision against his extradition to Sweden to face the charges.

Beckham Is Ensuring Her Daughter To Follow Her Footsteps

Beckham is famous for her obsession with expensive designer clothing, and it seems she is ensuring her daughter follows in her footsteps.
During a typically fashionable stroll through LAX airport Saturday night, eagle-eyed onlookers spotted that Victoria had dressed her gorgeous baby in a pair of designer ChloƩ tights.
The ribbed opaque tights, that bear the French brand’s name on each ankle, retail for approximately £30 a pair. Considering a pair of baby tights cost about £5 in Mamas and Papas, the price tag on the stockings, which little Harper is sure to grow out of in no time, is rather steep.
Victoria, 37, famously said that she used the airport as her runway, and it appears that her beloved daughter will be following in her footsteps. Harper has a wardrobe to rival a Vogue editor, and today she almost upstaged her mother in a darling striped dress and matching hair clip.
Her mother looked impeccably stylish as usual, in a plaid shirt with a white collar and white A-line skirt cinched with a skinny leather belt.

Thousands Of Afghan Women Whistled And Waved On Farhad Darya's Songs

Dubbed the Afghan Elvis, Farhad Darya may be the only man in the most conservative country on earth who can reduce an audience of women in headscarves to a screaming, waving, whistling throng.
In a country where women enjoy few rights and music was banned under the Taliban until 10 years ago, Darya is an icon for millions and his popularity was clear at a rare, top-security, female-only show in Kabul.
Despite the excitement, Thursday’s gig, shrouded in secrecy due to fears it could be targeted by the Taliban, was a thousand miles away from a typical concert in many other parts of the world.
Several hundred women, from students to middle-aged mothers, swayed as Darya performed but they did not dance due to the presence of television cameras. Women dancing in front of strange men is taboo in Afghanistan.
One even dared to shout out: “We love you!” halfway through - a standard greeting for male rock stars around the world but exceptional in a nation where feminism is a highly sensitive topic, even in relatively sophisticated cities like Kabul.
“I’ve always told everyone he’s my dream man - he sings so good, his personality is so high, it’s great,” said one excited fan, 18-year-old student Meetra Alokozay.
Darya, a UN goodwill ambassador described by the organisation as “one of the best role models” in Afghanistan, held the concert to spotlight a campaign against domestic violence, which is still widespread here.
It was the latest in a series of ecstatically received free performances he has given across the country.

International Cricket Would Start In Pakistan Next Year--Zaka

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf has said only those players who maintain discipline and perform will be part of the national team.
Talking in Bahawalpur on Sunday, he said that national prestige would be supreme and the PCB would not tolerate corruption, indiscipline and groups in the team.
Zaka said the board was setting up a vigilance division to eliminate match fixing and betting.
He said agents of players would have to get clearance from the PCB, adding that it was amending the code of conduct for players and the amended code would be implemented in letter and spirit.
The PCB chairman said that he was visiting India and Bangladesh soon on invitations of their cricket boards. He hoped that international cricket would restart in Pakistan from 2012. He added: “Foolproof security will be provided to all visiting teams in Pakistan and the provision of security according to ICC standards is our duty.”
Ashraf stressed holding a cricket series between Pakistan and India even on a neutral place. He said: “The PCB is holding receptions for the national cricket team for victory against Sri Lanka in the UAE and women and blind cricket teams to encourage them for their good performance.”

How To Keep Your Family Happy And Healthy

Rich and poor both can enjoy happy family life if follow the following simple guidelines:-
Fix A day in a Week For Outing:-
You must go for outing with family once a week. Enjoy swimming in summer, walking or hiking in the garden or park in winter, and ride bicycle in spring. Go for picnic and take lunch out in a garden.
Put less meals in a plate for kids:-
Give the kids minimum meals in a plate and make him habitual to take more if he needs. According to a study, if you put more soup or vegetable in plate the child may eat 1/4th more than he actually needs.
Make Home green:-
Grow original greenery in home instead of artificial flowers. You can grow plants in pots. Mini plant is good to grow at homes because it absorbs formal dehydes and other allergy creating constituents.
Make Children habitual to Take Meal With You.:-
According to a survey report the children taking meals with elders will take fruits and vegetables more than soda and roasted foods. They will take calcium, iron and fibre more if they taking meals with you on a table.
Avoid Noisy Environment:-
Experts say that noise exerts pressure on nerves. According to researchers at University of Chicago noise creates tiredness that results in the activation of hormones increasing hungriness and you will take 200 to 2000 more calories than needed.
Do not give sweet gifts to kids for eating vegetables:-
Some people give sweets to children as gift if they eat vegetables or cereals. It is ok for short term but as a long term it is not a correct way. The children think that sweets are better than vegetables and cereals.
Critical age for Child is from birth to 3 year age:-
According to International Food Information Bureau child needs full attention from birth to 3 year age during that time one has to note that what the child likes to eat and does he takes and what activities he likes more and remains happy. During this age child can be made habitual to take healthier foods. healthy

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Qureshi Joins Tehreek e Insaaf

Imran Khan! you are getting popular, therefore, some cunning politicians are joining your party. Be aware of all these traditional and professional politicians. Your party has been clean so far, because, no defetee had joined your party. Some opportunists will come to you and will become your worker but they may be double agents. They can ruined your party. May Allah give you power to make the country clean, sovereign state that would not be slave to west. May Allah bless you.
Former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) here in a rally in Ghotki on Sunday. Earlier, addressing to the rally, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Imran Khan said that he has come to Ghotki to invite Shah Mahmood Qureshi to join his party. Khan said that time has come for a revolution in Pakistan, adding that he said, “it is time to build new Pakistan.” Imran Khan clean the country from corruption if you get the chance. Corruption is uprooting the integrity and existence of the country.

Will The Future Of Libya Be In The Hands Of Ikhwan ul Muslameen?

The son of Former Libyan leader Qazzafi's, Saif ul Islam has been arrested by the revolutionary forces after one month of his death. Saif ul Islam was arrested along with his other 3 aids from southern part of the country. He was shifted to Alzintan. A faithful commonder of the government council Adil Tarhoni told that Saif Qazzafi will not be handed over to International Criminal Court but would be trialed in Libya. It is recalled that ICC in Hague had issued warrants against Saiful Islam, his father and former intelligence chief Abdullah Insalasi on June 27th on allegations of violations /crimes of human rights and crushing the opposition with force.
Saif ul Islam was considered the heir of Qazzafi and was the second most powerful personality ispite of holding none of the government office. He had been talking about reforms before the revolution against his father.He regularly used to say that democracy is must for Libya.He played an important role in the reconciliation efforts with the west from 2000 to 2011 e.g locker bee case, nuclear program of Libya,attacks on Berlin night club and several other conflicts.
In spite of crippled and paralyzed government of his father he used to claim his success and defeat of revolutionists. However, within no time the footage of the death of his father and brother Moatasem spread in the world. Thus chapter of rule with out constitution was closed.
Now working national council has nominated Abdul Raheem Alkaib as Prime Minister and invited him to form government. This government will hold elections for legislative assembly next year in June and it is expected that technocrats, experts and leaders playing key role in revolution against Qazzafi will be included.
In Libya like other Arabian countries, Islamic movement Ikhwan ul Muslameen is gaining power that had been crushed and was prey of atrocities under Qazaffi's rule for 25 years. They have held a 3-day conference in Ben Ghazi and the leader of the movement Suleman Abdul Qadir addressing the inaugural session said that it was a historic day for them and for Libyan people, his party favored for a civil government but that should be based on Islamic values. He said that this country belonged to each and every Libyan and everybody should take part in its reconstruction. Because, he said the rehabilitation was the job of one group or party but or group but every Libyan had to participate in this work according to his capabilities.

Non-Smokers Living In Air-Polluted Areas Are 20 % More Likely To Die Of Lung Cancer Than People Living In Clean Air Areas

People who have never smoked, but who live in areas with higher air pollution levels, are roughly 20 percent more likely to die from lung cancer than people who live with cleaner air, researchers conclude in a new study. "It's another argument for why the regulatory levels (for air pollutants) be as low as possible," said Francine Laden, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, who was not involved in the research.
Though smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, about one in 10 people who develop lung cancer have never smoked.
"Lung cancer in 'never smokers' is an important cancer. It's the sixth leading cause of cancer in United States," said Michelle Turner, the lead author of the study and a graduate student at the University of Ottawa.
Previous estimates of how many non-smokers get lung cancer range from 14 to 21 out of every 100,000 women and five to 14 out of every 100,000 men.
The fine particles in air pollution, which can irritate the lungs and cause inflammation, are thought to be a risk factor for lung cancer, but researchers had not clearly teased apart their impact from that of smoking.
In this study, Turner and her colleagues followed more than 180,000 non-smokers for 26 years. Throughout the study period, 1,100 people died from lung cancer.
The participants lived in all 50 states and in Puerto Rico, and based on their zip codes, the researchers estimated how much air pollution they were exposed to measured in units of micrograms of particles per cubic meter of air.
Pollution levels in different locations ranged from a low of about six units to a high of 38. The levels dropped over time, however, from an average of 21 units in 1979 - 1983, to 14 units in 1999 - 2000, producing an overall average pollution level of 17 units across the study period.
After the team took into account other cancer risk factors, such as second-hand smoke and radon exposure, they found that for every 10 extra units of air pollution exposure, a person's risk of lung cancer rose by 15 to 27 percent.
The increased risk for lung cancer associated with pollution is small in comparison to the 20-fold increased risk from smoking.
And the study team didn't prove that the pollution caused the cancer cases, but "there's lots of evidence that exposure to fine particles increases cardiopulmonary mortality," Turner told.
Fine-particles in air pollution can injure the lungs through inflammation and damage to DNA, Turner's team writes in its report, published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
Previous research has suggested similar conclusions. A study of people in China, for example, found an increased risk of lung cancer attributed to indoor air pollution from burning coal and wood to heat homes. And several European studies have linked levels of soot and vehicle exhaust to lung cancer in non-smokers.
Laden noted that the pollution levels associated with the increased risk of cancer in the current study are not uncommon in the U.S. "These levels are within the (regulatory) standards," Laden told Reuters Health. "We're not talking about people who live in a really polluted place with no pollution control."

Anotyher Bold Step Of Pak Army Against USA

Many countries like Iran and South Korea have taken taken courageous steps and are existing and living with respect and honor, They do not look to USA for power help and cash. Pak Army must stop all the logistic facilities extended to America and NATO forces. We are an independent nation and should learn to live with out the help of any country specially the USA. Pak army should also take strict steps and advise the government not to declare India as most favorite country regarding trade. India would never be well wisher of Pakistan. It will leave no stone unturned to destroy Pakistan. The attack on Pakistani post was not accidental but it was intentionally and planned to test and check Pakistan's reaction. If not reacted strictly attacks within borders of Pakistan will continue and a day will come when Islamabad would be attacked terming accidental event.
The Federal Cabinet's Defence Committee on Saturday ordered the United States to vacate the Shamsi airbase within 15 days and closed NATO supply lines into Afghanistan in response to a deadly cross-border NATO air strike.
The military’s top brass including CJSC, COAS and the Naval and Air Force chiefs attended the meeting.
The meeting was also attended by the Interior, Defence, Foreign, Information and Finance Ministers while senior minister Pervaiz Elahi and the secretary defence were also in attendance.
The Defence Committee that met under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, hours after the NATO strike in Pakistan that killed 24 troops, categorically said that attacks on Pakistan check posts were unacceptable.
It was also decided that the Prime Minister would take the Parliament into confidence on Pak-US relations. Parliament will also be taken into confidence over the shape of Pakistan's future relations with NATO and ISAF.
Condemning the NATO attack, the committee said that the strike violated international laws.
The defense body said no compromise would be made on the sovereignty and protection of the country. "People and army will ensure Pakistan's sovereignty and integrity at any cost."
It termed the attacks on Pakistan check posts as completely unacceptable and rejected the labeling of today's event as accidental.

Kareena The Most Beautiful Woman Of Asia

According to a survey, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has emerged as the most attractive woman in Asia.
The survey was conducted through social networking sites lick Twitter by a weekly magazine.
Kareena who recently starred in hits such as ‘Ra One’ won by just 1% as she edged out Katrina Kaif.
Prior to this Katrina had won the title three years straight.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Positive Step To Stop NATO's Supplies

A positive and in the interest of nation step of stopping NATO supply has been immediately taken. This step can be taken only by a brave and bold institution every Pakistani knows. This is the reason that America is behind that institution and wants to weaken it so that America can do what does it want in Pakistan
The political administration of Khyber Agency has halted supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan after the federation’s order, Geo News reported Saturday.
According to the agency’s political administration, the government ordered to stop supplies to NATO after a Pakistani check post was attacked early Saturday morning, killing at least 20 security men including two officers.
Hundreds of containers and oil tankers are now standing at a check post in Tehsil Jamrood where the supplies were stopped after the orders.

Go Ahead Bravo America Continue Killing Of "Pakistani Mosquitos And Dirty Flies"?

Those nations whose rulers sell freedom , sovereignty,self-respect and national ego suffer like Pakistani nation is suffering. Near USA Pakistanis have no value their lives are as useless as those of crawling or creeping insects. Whether it may be drone attack, direct bombardment or shooting, America! what ever the mode of killing Pakistanis may be you are cardially allowed to do so. When you kill them please declare them terrorists. We will protest strongly but with the wordings your Majesty will approve. Do not worry this protest will be a "just a show" to keep the "foolish" Pakistanis who lives are for you we can sacrifice 180 million but sorry we have this much population otherwise we could sacrifice all. But please save the lives of rulers they are too valuable. The lives of your all Americans are too precious as we released Ramond Davis, who killed 3 Pakistani insects in the day light.You can test more and more and we will fulfill your orders. Now here is the the news
Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Masood Kausar told that 26 security men lost their lives in the Nato air strike while 14 personnel were injured, Geo News reported Saturday.
While addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the KP governor strongly condemned the attack and said that it is an open violation of border which is a very serious issue. (What border All the territory is American)
He said that the attack took place in within FATA and it has hurt the sentiments of the entire nation. He urged for a reaction against this act so that such incidents should not happen in future.
Governor KP Masood Kausar paid tribute to the martyred soldiers and said that Pakistan is a strong ally in war against terrorism and the entire nation is united for the cause. He further said that there is complete harmony among the government and institutions.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pak-Iran Pipeline Is Not a Good Idea--Munter, Pakistan Will Not Take Dictation On Gas Pipeline---Awan?

What a joke, when bosses say do not purchase gas from Iran, How it come that a spokesperson of a slave government could dare to refuse taking dictation.This is like a person eating hundred onions and taking hundred boot hits on head Sorry this is Urdu proverb and only Urdu speaking person would know its back ground.) Now people of Pakistan take in negative sense when minister or any other government spokesperson issues a statement. As protest against drone attacks or stopping the logistic facilities to the NATO forces or respecting the Supreme Court's verdicts. People of Pakistan can not be befooled now by making statements like this. A government who begs to USA for power and chair have no respect by the people. Who ignores the difficulties of the masses, can not control price hike, increases oil and gas prices every week on the instructions of IMF, does not care that how a low salaried person would pay the utility bills has no credibility.
Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan said Friday that Pakistan would not take dictation on the gas pipeline issue. Awan added that Pakistan would take those steps which are beneficial for the country. Which steps, as have been taken already?
The information minister also commented on the NRO and said a strategy following the Supreme Court’s decision not to review the governments review petition would be unveiled soon.
Now the representative of bosses says, US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said Friday that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline was not a good idea.
The plan to get gas from Turkmenistan is a “better idea,” Munter added.
Speaking during a lecture at a private Lahore University, the US Ambassador denied having met Imran Khan and ISI chief Pasha together.
Munter also said that the US wanted to strengthen both civil and military ties with Pakistan. How would USA strengthen ties with Pakistan Army by eliminating ISI?
On the memo issue Munter commented that it was treated with seriousness in the US along with the resignation of Husain Haqqani.
Munter added that on the protest of Army Chief Kayani, some US officials in Pakistan were sent back. Why he did not mention the facts? who were those US officials, Black Water or Spies?

New Delhi Court To Give Verdict In December On Charges Against Former Diplomate

A New Delhi court will give its verdicts on December on charges against former diplomat Madhuri Gupta for allegedly supplying sensitive information to Pakistan’s spy agency ISI during her posting in Islamabad.
Pawan Kumar, additional sessions judge on Saturday reserved the order after holding a hearing in the case.
Madhuri Gupta, 53, however, refuted all the allegations leveled against her and submitted that the said information is not sensitive and is available on the Internet.
She posted as second secretary with the Press and Information at Indian High Commission in Islamabad, was arrested on April 22 by the Special Cell of Delhi Police.

Mansoor Ijaz Steps Back From One Of His Claims

Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz has stepped back from one of his claims and said that President Asif Ali Zardari was not aware of the controversial memo sent to US military chief Mike Mullen.It was reported Monday.
Mansoor Ijaz has rejected any such reports claiming that there was some understanding between President Zardari and Ambassador Husain Haqqani regarding the document sent to Mike Mullen.
Ijaz claimed that the President might have spoken to Husain Haqqani about the pressure on him after the May raid, hence asking the latter to help him out in this regard.
The businessman rejected the idea of any missing links in the memo chain.
Earlier in his article published in the Financial Times, Ijaz had claimed that he had drafted and delivered a memo to Admiral Mullen with the help of a top diplomat on President Zardari’s instructions.

Adele Agrees To Perform On The X Factor Next Month

Adele has agreed to perform on the X Factor final next month, sources have claimed. The ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ singer is tipped to give her first performance since undergoing vocal chord microsurgery at the ITV contest’s December 11 conclusion. Adele is believed to have agreed to the slot earlier in the year after being approached by X Factor boss Simon Cowell. “Her management said this week she is still planning to make it,” an insider told The Sun. “It’s amazing news for fans and viewers.” Adele had apparently been secured to assist Louis Walsh at Judges’ Houses, but was bumped for X Factor regular Sinitta at Cowell’s behest. Adele announced in October that she had to cancel all of her remaining 2011 concerts in order to undergo surgery.

Vending Machine At Airport Can Print Personalized Canvas Banners For You

Ever wanted to meet and greet your loved ones at the airport to be sure they don't miss you in the crowds?
Then try Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, which now has the world's first vending machine capable of printing out personalized giant canvas banners in just a few minutes.
You can pick your message, whether that is "Missed you Mummy," "I love you," "Will you marry me?," or anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd, choose the font and background design, pay between four and 15 euros ($19.98) depending on the length of the banner, and hit the button.
"We came up with the idea because when we were at the airport we'd see all these people welcoming their friends and family with their own banners made of bed sheets and we thought what a hassle using sheets, wouldn't it just be easier to make the banner at the airport," BannerXpress's co-founder Thibaud Bruna told Thursday.
Bruna's first machine, which was three years in the making, made its debut at Schiphol Thursday. If the waterproof banners prove popular, he hopes to install the vending machines in other locations.
"We hope have them in other airports, but also in stadiums for sporting and music events," Bruna said

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yoga Guru Threats Indian PM To Re-launch His Anti-Corruption Compaign Again

A celebrity Indian yoga guru with a huge public following on Wednesday warned he might re-launch his corruption campaign against the government in a further headache for premier Manmohan Singh. Swami Ramdev, a bearded hardliner conservative known for his yoga moves that include a trademark "stomach roll", drew thousands to a huge protest camp in New Delhi in June that was eventually violently dispersed by police. In an seven-page open letter to Prime Minister Singh, Ramdev called on the scandal-hit government to pass a "strong" anti-graft law and work harder to repatriate illicit funds stashed by Indians overseas.
The usually bare-chested and eccentric television star, who heads a yoga empire than spans the world, also called for tax reforms including across-the-board elimination of domestic taxes. "We shall be compelled to launch nation-wide protests if the government does not take significant steps on these three issues during parliament's (current) winter session," the guru wrote.
Ramdev heaped severe pressure on the government during a summer of protests that also saw veteran campaigner Anna Hazare hold a 12-day hunger strike against the government, an action that captured the public imagination.
Corruption has crept up the agenda in fast-developing India after a string of scandals, notably a telecommunication license scam that is thought to have cost the country up to $39 billion and has seen a former minister arrested.

Secret Memo Issue That Rocked President House In Pakistan And Capital Hill In Wasgington

The memo that shook both the concerned country's capitals if was not true as denied and termed baseless by several government officials and parliamentarians in Islamabad then why was strict action taken against Haqqani so quickly. There is definitely something wrong at the bottom. The story of Memo that was handed over to Mansoor if was wrong then why in an emergency meeting of army Chief with President Zardari resulted in sacking of ambassador to USA took place and the proposal of Sherry Rehman may have come from the powerful headquarter. The issue of memo was leaked by Mansoor Ijaz who told Financial Times about delivering the message by Haqqani . Mr Ijaz said," Haqqani whom I know for over 10 years, asked me to assist him privately delivering his message to Admiral Mike Mullen. Email and telephone contacts between me and Mr Haqqani in May available with me as we finalized the draft of the memo and awaited the approval of bosses. tHe boss was definitely president Zardari, I believe."
President Zardari sent a strong and direct message to General Kiyani through memo delivered to Mike Mullen. The American Admiral was also requested to save PPP government from sending home by Two Pakistani Generals. The memo was delivered to Mike Mullen one week after the raid on Osama's compound during May 2011.
The memo further read," Pakistan may become a sanctuary for Osama's legacy and potentially the platform for far more rapid spread of Al-Quada's brand of fanaticism and terror. That an opportunity also exists for civilians to gain upper hand over the army and intelligence directorate due to their complicity in the Bin Laden's matter.That in the event of Washington message to general Kiyani, the new national security team is prepared to do the following. An independent inquiry into Osama's stay will be ordered.The inquiry will be independent and accountable. The new team will implement the policy of either handing over those left in Al-Quada's leadership or affiliated groups on Pakistani soil. The team also gives the US military "green light" to conduct necessary operations to capture or kill them on Pakistani soil. The new national security team is prepared with full backing of of the Pakistani government to develop an acceptable framework of the descipline for nuclear program. The new team will eliminate Section S of ISI allegedly charged with maintaining relations to Taliban and Haqqani network. Government of Pakistan will cooperate with new national security team and Indian government to bring perpetrators of Pakistani origion to account for Mumbai attacks in 2008.whether outside or inside the government including the intelligence agencies."'
May Allah the Almighty bestow on Pakistani nation a leader who would not beg to the USA for power and chair or extend his begger's bowl to USA for saving and maintaining his government Ameen.
( Courtesy Pakistani Spectator)