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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Secret Memo Issue That Rocked President House In Pakistan And Capital Hill In Wasgington

The memo that shook both the concerned country's capitals if was not true as denied and termed baseless by several government officials and parliamentarians in Islamabad then why was strict action taken against Haqqani so quickly. There is definitely something wrong at the bottom. The story of Memo that was handed over to Mansoor if was wrong then why in an emergency meeting of army Chief with President Zardari resulted in sacking of ambassador to USA took place and the proposal of Sherry Rehman may have come from the powerful headquarter. The issue of memo was leaked by Mansoor Ijaz who told Financial Times about delivering the message by Haqqani . Mr Ijaz said," Haqqani whom I know for over 10 years, asked me to assist him privately delivering his message to Admiral Mike Mullen. Email and telephone contacts between me and Mr Haqqani in May available with me as we finalized the draft of the memo and awaited the approval of bosses. tHe boss was definitely president Zardari, I believe."
President Zardari sent a strong and direct message to General Kiyani through memo delivered to Mike Mullen. The American Admiral was also requested to save PPP government from sending home by Two Pakistani Generals. The memo was delivered to Mike Mullen one week after the raid on Osama's compound during May 2011.
The memo further read," Pakistan may become a sanctuary for Osama's legacy and potentially the platform for far more rapid spread of Al-Quada's brand of fanaticism and terror. That an opportunity also exists for civilians to gain upper hand over the army and intelligence directorate due to their complicity in the Bin Laden's matter.That in the event of Washington message to general Kiyani, the new national security team is prepared to do the following. An independent inquiry into Osama's stay will be ordered.The inquiry will be independent and accountable. The new team will implement the policy of either handing over those left in Al-Quada's leadership or affiliated groups on Pakistani soil. The team also gives the US military "green light" to conduct necessary operations to capture or kill them on Pakistani soil. The new national security team is prepared with full backing of of the Pakistani government to develop an acceptable framework of the descipline for nuclear program. The new team will eliminate Section S of ISI allegedly charged with maintaining relations to Taliban and Haqqani network. Government of Pakistan will cooperate with new national security team and Indian government to bring perpetrators of Pakistani origion to account for Mumbai attacks in 2008.whether outside or inside the government including the intelligence agencies."'
May Allah the Almighty bestow on Pakistani nation a leader who would not beg to the USA for power and chair or extend his begger's bowl to USA for saving and maintaining his government Ameen.
( Courtesy Pakistani Spectator)

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