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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Indian Lobby In Pakistan Must Think About Indian Claim

India has not not accepted Pakistan as an independent sovereign state since its existence and attacks Pakistan through any means it can avail to dfemoralize Pakistan. The lobby in Pakistan favoring close relations with India must think in the benefit of Pakistan not India. India may one day can criticize Pakistan territorial map and may ask Google to exclude Punjab from the map as It has a province called Punjab where same language Punjabi is spoken.
The official website of US State Department, which handles foreign relations of America with other countries, has shown Azad Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan.
Under its A-Z list of countries, the website which has the catch line ‘Diplomacy in Action’, carries profiles and maps of all countries with which the US has diplomatic relations.
In case of India, however, the map differing from the official Indian map, completely ignores India’s claim over AJK by not even acknowledging its disputed status.
In the Pakistan map on the same website, AJK is shown as neatly ensconced in Pakistan. Surprisingly, in the case of Aksai Chin region in the north which shares a boundary with China, the map carries a pointer which does mention Indian claim but in the case of AJK it refuses to accept New Delhi claims.
India has in the past had the same problem with organizations like Google but this is probably the first time that a US government website has recognized AJK as part of Pakistan.
Meanwhile, India on Monday said the US Department of State maps showing AJK as part of Pakistan ‘will have to be corrected’.
“As far as the AJK issue is concerned, the maps will have to be corrected,” Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai said in New Delhi.
The Secretary was responding to a query about the US government website showing AJK as part of Pakistan.
The foreign secretary said the Ministry will discuss the issue.

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