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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sacred Journey To Saudi Arabia To Perform Hajj (Blogger Is Back From Hajj)

Hello Dear Readers, Assalam o Alaikum, Good Morning (As is Morning In Pakistan), Buenes Dias, Swadi.
Alhamd o Lillah, Thanks Almighty Allah,I am back to Pakistan after performing Hajj with the blessings of Allah. This is His will whom he selects to see Baitullah and Roza e Rasool. He gave me second chance to gather His blessings in my begger's bowl. I performed Umra during 1980 when I was on the way back to Pakistan from Mexico. I consider myself among other 1.8 million fortunate Pakistanis who were invited by Him to be blessed with Hajj. The sacred journey was of course special "award" to all Muslims performing the sacred duty of 5th pillar of Islam. This is must for those Muslims, once in life, who can afford to perform Hajj financially, physically and mentally. Hajj is no doubt, a tough job regarding physical hardships but He bestows courage and power to perform this duty. Buses and other vehicles are not allowed near the vicinity of Mina and Arafat due to rush of Pilgramages where vehicles could ply they cover one mile in an hour or so. Therfore, Hujjaj prefer to travel on foot to go to Mina, and Arafat as well as to Jamrat. To travel 15-20 km a day is usual. So those who are not habitual to walking feel trouble.
I was much discouraged when i missed the forms for regular scheme because i had to get my passport from my home town Dera Ismail Khan (KPK)as Islamabad office denied to issue the same and advised me to get it from home town. However, after wards when i saw the poor and pitiable condition of pilgrimage who availed the cheaper package of government, in Makkah Mukasrrama, I thanked Allah who saved me from traveling through government scheme.
Firstly, I approached Ayub Abbasi, the proprietor of Riazul Harmain or commonly known as Alharmain in Islamabad through a friend who contacted Abbasi Sahib but unfortunately he did not pay advance money nor he told me and did not even book the seat so when I contacted Alharmain after coming back from Dera Ismail Khan, there was no seat left with him for me and my that friend also could not get a room in this company and he did not even go to hajj this year. I requested Ayub Abbasi to arrange my travel to Makkah with any other company because I did not know any trustworthy travel agency. He very kindly arranged my sacred journey with Alhabib Hajj and Umra Tours Rawalpindi and took all the responsibility of any complaint against the agency I am really very thankful to Ayub Abbasi Sahib. I handed all the documents including passport and also paid all the package money to Alharmain. Afterward when I got to know the owner of Alhabib, Qazi Jameel Bin Jaber and his second in Command Khalid Sahib and his son Qazi Ammar Bin Jameel I found found all of them noble, sympathetic, pious, cooperative and gentlemen I was really impressed by by them due to their sympathetic and cooperative attitude towards pilgramage (Hujjaj).
Alhasmain and Alhabib worked jointly during the whole Hajj season, provided meals, buses for visiting the holy places in Makkah and Medina and remained and guided the Hajis all the time during each and every step of Hajj. Both of them made our sacred journey a memorable one and I pray for reward by Allah Almighty for them.
However, human being is not free of weaknesses, some times they could not travel and pace up with Hajis as they they did not guided and lead Hajis to Jamrat and left them alone to perform this important rukan (Duty) themselves that was very difficult for Hajis because several were lost and a strayed on the way back to camp in Mina. They could not properly lead the hajis to buses and left them alone to board while proceeding to Muzdalfa from Arafat and they did not take care of Hajis in Muzdalfa. Hajis felt trouble while coming back to Mina or going to Jamrat. Similarly, Ayub Abbasi lost temper when I missed the bus after Isha prayer in Haram Pak and performing Umra ( on return from (Medina), I was in Ahram and very much tired. No taxi was willing to go to Khalidia where we were staying. I called Ammar and Khalid Sahib to help. Ayub Sahib tried to reach me in his private car on the Tunnel on Ajyad road but he could not due to traffic blockage. I crossed the tunnel on foot and reached to Palestine Hotel. He came there but was too angry and uttered some harsh words I did not understand why? Though afterwards he apologized with ti-eying both hands and I forgave him because it was the teaching and philosophy of Hajj.
As a whole the Hajj journey remant peaceful and pleasant with Alhabib and Alharmain. If I got another chance by the Grace Of Allah I would prefer to travel with one of these companies and i would recommend my relatives and friends to have package of Hajj or Umra with these agencies. I am fully satisfied with their dealings, because i surveyed and inquired about several private companies that were expensive and also did not provide the facilities of Food and Vehicles on many occasions.
What disappointed me in Hajj was the attitude of Muslims as a whole and that of Pakistanis, Banbladeshi and Indian Muslims particularly. The basic philosophy of Hajj is to learn and maintain tolerance, sacrifice for other Muslim brothers, patience and to show the world that Hajj is the gathering of organized Muslim Umma but there was no demonstration of these qualities. Muslims were intolerant and impatient every where on stores, in performing Tawaf, Hajj , boarding the buses, praying in the Grand Mosque or during Hajj. This was the Saudi Government who managed so nicely all the arrangements of Hajj that no accident like the one several years back took place. Otherwise Muslims left no stone unturned for happening of some serious incident. The excellent job was done by Saudis for which their services are commendable. To handle a gathering of 5 million people is no easy task to deal with. Though registered Hajis were 2.9 million but local Saudis come directly to Mina and those who come illegally crossing the borders are additional numbering to more than 5 million. Saudis are line ant and prohibiting no body to cross border. This is their own Eman( Religion Trust) whether they perform Hajj legally or illegally.
I pray for the strength, progress and more and more development of Saudi Arabia and specially that of My lovely cities of Makkah Mukarrama ans Medina Munawwara. May Allah make Saudi Arab a super power of the Muslim Ummah. Ameen

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