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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Major Defection In Bashr Al Asad's Guard Force

The grip of the ruling Asad family in Syria on the present situation has weakened. The major part of the army that was deployed on the security of Bashr Al Asad and was busy in crushing the protesters violently, is defecting. A group of defected army men that was constituted under the name of Free Syrian Army(FSA) this year in July is numbering to more than 1000 and some people say may be as large as 25000. The spokesman of Military Council constituted by rebellions, Major Maher Ul Naeemi said that defections from government forces reached to several thousands and they are organising it in the form a brigade. He said that Bashr ul Asad will have to deploy 3 brigades to fight against their one brigade.The spokesman further said that Asad had 12 brigade military, collectively, but he was about to lay knees.He said that the faithful army of Asad wanted to concentrate on the border of Turkey to stop the defected personnel to occupy any town near the border. But they knew the capabilities of Asad's military and they can not stay before the freedom fighters.
Major Maher says that they will distribute their army in different districts as the Libyan fighters did, separating the areas from government rule and start fighting against the Asad's army. He said that Asad's brigade 4 had tried to ambush the revolutionary citizens and rebellion forces in Hamlat and Olab districts but freedom fighters have adapted strategy of destroying and damaging maximum lives of the Asad's forces and to save the lives of their own fighters.
The rebellion group not only stronger in number but their strategy is also proving effective. They are paralyzing the forces of Asad. They have attacked the centers of intelligence of Air Force during the last week so that to cripple the capability of air force of attacking the protestors.

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