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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go Ahead Bravo America Continue Killing Of "Pakistani Mosquitos And Dirty Flies"?

Those nations whose rulers sell freedom , sovereignty,self-respect and national ego suffer like Pakistani nation is suffering. Near USA Pakistanis have no value their lives are as useless as those of crawling or creeping insects. Whether it may be drone attack, direct bombardment or shooting, America! what ever the mode of killing Pakistanis may be you are cardially allowed to do so. When you kill them please declare them terrorists. We will protest strongly but with the wordings your Majesty will approve. Do not worry this protest will be a "just a show" to keep the "foolish" Pakistanis who lives are for you we can sacrifice 180 million but sorry we have this much population otherwise we could sacrifice all. But please save the lives of rulers they are too valuable. The lives of your all Americans are too precious as we released Ramond Davis, who killed 3 Pakistani insects in the day light.You can test more and more and we will fulfill your orders. Now here is the the news
Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Masood Kausar told that 26 security men lost their lives in the Nato air strike while 14 personnel were injured, Geo News reported Saturday.
While addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the KP governor strongly condemned the attack and said that it is an open violation of border which is a very serious issue. (What border All the territory is American)
He said that the attack took place in within FATA and it has hurt the sentiments of the entire nation. He urged for a reaction against this act so that such incidents should not happen in future.
Governor KP Masood Kausar paid tribute to the martyred soldiers and said that Pakistan is a strong ally in war against terrorism and the entire nation is united for the cause. He further said that there is complete harmony among the government and institutions.

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