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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will The Future Of Libya Be Worst Or Better Than Qazzafi Era?

The leader of the Ekhwan Ul Muslameen Suleman Abdul Qadir when asked whether his movement would join interim givernment , he told that some of the members of Ekhwan Ul Muslameen can join the government on the basis of their ability and illegibility. However, they as a party would not be the part of interim government. New leadership of the party was elected during the congress held in Bin Ghazi after 25 years.It was also considered whether to participate in the election with the same name or to constitute a new political party. Seven hundred participants attended the congress and noteworthy thing was that Libyan minister for religious affairs Salmul Shanki and defense minister Jala ud Dakheeli as well as important members of national interim council also participated in the inaugural session. According to media reports the congress was welcomed by all the walks of life on a large scale. The participants of the congress included intellectuals and highly educated personalities who were speaking English fluently.
Suleman Abdul Qadir is an Engineer and was living exile life in Qazzafi era like many other opposition leaders in London. The movement of Ekhwan ul Muslameen started when Libyan students were in Egypt for study. They got influenced by the ideology and struggle of Ekhwan ul Muslameen. On other hand many people of this movement migrated to Libya considering it safe country because of astrocities on them by their respective governments. These refugees Ekhwan people had greater impact through their cultural and social activities on the Libyan society. Though they were not working as as an organized party.

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