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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Will The Future Of Libya Be In The Hands Of Ikhwan ul Muslameen?

The son of Former Libyan leader Qazzafi's, Saif ul Islam has been arrested by the revolutionary forces after one month of his death. Saif ul Islam was arrested along with his other 3 aids from southern part of the country. He was shifted to Alzintan. A faithful commonder of the government council Adil Tarhoni told that Saif Qazzafi will not be handed over to International Criminal Court but would be trialed in Libya. It is recalled that ICC in Hague had issued warrants against Saiful Islam, his father and former intelligence chief Abdullah Insalasi on June 27th on allegations of violations /crimes of human rights and crushing the opposition with force.
Saif ul Islam was considered the heir of Qazzafi and was the second most powerful personality ispite of holding none of the government office. He had been talking about reforms before the revolution against his father.He regularly used to say that democracy is must for Libya.He played an important role in the reconciliation efforts with the west from 2000 to 2011 e.g locker bee case, nuclear program of Libya,attacks on Berlin night club and several other conflicts.
In spite of crippled and paralyzed government of his father he used to claim his success and defeat of revolutionists. However, within no time the footage of the death of his father and brother Moatasem spread in the world. Thus chapter of rule with out constitution was closed.
Now working national council has nominated Abdul Raheem Alkaib as Prime Minister and invited him to form government. This government will hold elections for legislative assembly next year in June and it is expected that technocrats, experts and leaders playing key role in revolution against Qazzafi will be included.
In Libya like other Arabian countries, Islamic movement Ikhwan ul Muslameen is gaining power that had been crushed and was prey of atrocities under Qazaffi's rule for 25 years. They have held a 3-day conference in Ben Ghazi and the leader of the movement Suleman Abdul Qadir addressing the inaugural session said that it was a historic day for them and for Libyan people, his party favored for a civil government but that should be based on Islamic values. He said that this country belonged to each and every Libyan and everybody should take part in its reconstruction. Because, he said the rehabilitation was the job of one group or party but or group but every Libyan had to participate in this work according to his capabilities.

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