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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pak-Iran Pipeline Is Not a Good Idea--Munter, Pakistan Will Not Take Dictation On Gas Pipeline---Awan?

What a joke, when bosses say do not purchase gas from Iran, How it come that a spokesperson of a slave government could dare to refuse taking dictation.This is like a person eating hundred onions and taking hundred boot hits on head Sorry this is Urdu proverb and only Urdu speaking person would know its back ground.) Now people of Pakistan take in negative sense when minister or any other government spokesperson issues a statement. As protest against drone attacks or stopping the logistic facilities to the NATO forces or respecting the Supreme Court's verdicts. People of Pakistan can not be befooled now by making statements like this. A government who begs to USA for power and chair have no respect by the people. Who ignores the difficulties of the masses, can not control price hike, increases oil and gas prices every week on the instructions of IMF, does not care that how a low salaried person would pay the utility bills has no credibility.
Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan said Friday that Pakistan would not take dictation on the gas pipeline issue. Awan added that Pakistan would take those steps which are beneficial for the country. Which steps, as have been taken already?
The information minister also commented on the NRO and said a strategy following the Supreme Court’s decision not to review the governments review petition would be unveiled soon.
Now the representative of bosses says, US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said Friday that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline was not a good idea.
The plan to get gas from Turkmenistan is a “better idea,” Munter added.
Speaking during a lecture at a private Lahore University, the US Ambassador denied having met Imran Khan and ISI chief Pasha together.
Munter also said that the US wanted to strengthen both civil and military ties with Pakistan. How would USA strengthen ties with Pakistan Army by eliminating ISI?
On the memo issue Munter commented that it was treated with seriousness in the US along with the resignation of Husain Haqqani.
Munter added that on the protest of Army Chief Kayani, some US officials in Pakistan were sent back. Why he did not mention the facts? who were those US officials, Black Water or Spies?

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