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Monday, November 28, 2011

How To Keep Your Family Happy And Healthy

Rich and poor both can enjoy happy family life if follow the following simple guidelines:-
Fix A day in a Week For Outing:-
You must go for outing with family once a week. Enjoy swimming in summer, walking or hiking in the garden or park in winter, and ride bicycle in spring. Go for picnic and take lunch out in a garden.
Put less meals in a plate for kids:-
Give the kids minimum meals in a plate and make him habitual to take more if he needs. According to a study, if you put more soup or vegetable in plate the child may eat 1/4th more than he actually needs.
Make Home green:-
Grow original greenery in home instead of artificial flowers. You can grow plants in pots. Mini plant is good to grow at homes because it absorbs formal dehydes and other allergy creating constituents.
Make Children habitual to Take Meal With You.:-
According to a survey report the children taking meals with elders will take fruits and vegetables more than soda and roasted foods. They will take calcium, iron and fibre more if they taking meals with you on a table.
Avoid Noisy Environment:-
Experts say that noise exerts pressure on nerves. According to researchers at University of Chicago noise creates tiredness that results in the activation of hormones increasing hungriness and you will take 200 to 2000 more calories than needed.
Do not give sweet gifts to kids for eating vegetables:-
Some people give sweets to children as gift if they eat vegetables or cereals. It is ok for short term but as a long term it is not a correct way. The children think that sweets are better than vegetables and cereals.
Critical age for Child is from birth to 3 year age:-
According to International Food Information Bureau child needs full attention from birth to 3 year age during that time one has to note that what the child likes to eat and does he takes and what activities he likes more and remains happy. During this age child can be made habitual to take healthier foods. healthy

1 comment:

Tummy tuck said...

I love this post because it shared beautiful message ahead. Everyone would be happy if his family is safe and healthy. Head of the family and parent has to take care about his family's health. They should take responsibilities.