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Monday, November 28, 2011

Beckham Is Ensuring Her Daughter To Follow Her Footsteps

Beckham is famous for her obsession with expensive designer clothing, and it seems she is ensuring her daughter follows in her footsteps.
During a typically fashionable stroll through LAX airport Saturday night, eagle-eyed onlookers spotted that Victoria had dressed her gorgeous baby in a pair of designer ChloƩ tights.
The ribbed opaque tights, that bear the French brand’s name on each ankle, retail for approximately £30 a pair. Considering a pair of baby tights cost about £5 in Mamas and Papas, the price tag on the stockings, which little Harper is sure to grow out of in no time, is rather steep.
Victoria, 37, famously said that she used the airport as her runway, and it appears that her beloved daughter will be following in her footsteps. Harper has a wardrobe to rival a Vogue editor, and today she almost upstaged her mother in a darling striped dress and matching hair clip.
Her mother looked impeccably stylish as usual, in a plaid shirt with a white collar and white A-line skirt cinched with a skinny leather belt.

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