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Thursday, June 2, 2011

World Crisis Of Water Shortage Is Near

The changes in climate, global warming and their impacts on the earth have taken the world into its grip. Its severity is on the rise with every day passed. some times ago the climatic changes could not het the attention of the people and the world but it is the problem of the world today. The world governments, intellectuals, scientists, environmental experts, and economists all have concerns about the changes inb the climate. This is due to the global warming resulting into climatic changes that cause the drought, floods and rise in the sea level. This crisis will give birth to the shortage of water on the earth. The greater impact of the these changes would be on the reserves of clean water. In September 2010, in an international gathering in the Stockholm in Sweden, more than 2500 delegates from 130 countries participated in and discussed the continuous decline in the standard of water in the world. They agreed that due to increase in world population and industrial development the use of under ground water in increasing, while on the other hand 2 million tons human faeces are thrown in the seas, rivers and lakes. Similarly, in the developing countries 70 % industrial wastes are thrown in water with out passing it through ant chemical process.

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