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Friday, June 10, 2011

Hybrid Seeds Of Agricultural Commodities-- A Source Of Making Developing States Beggers

Hybrid seed is a gift of America among many other gifts bestowed on human beings during the last 50-60 years. The first hybrid seed given by USA to developing countries was of maize (corn).During 1930 when famine occurred in several areas of the USA, the farmers planted hybrid maize seeds. No doubt they obtained good grain yields but they became used to it. Hybrid seed is the F1 (Filial 1) generation between the cross of inbred lines that of course produces highest yields. Similarly, hybrid seeds of vegetables, horticultural crops can be produced in this way. But, the inbred lines used in making hybrid seeds is kept secret rather it is a trade secret of the multinational companies. They would not disclose it but themselves produce hybrids for distribution to poor farmers on highest rates every year. However, hybrid seeds are higher yielder they need heavy doses of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. In the long run these insecticides and fertilizers have negative impacts on human health through the constituents of chemicals that reach to human body through the use of foods of hybrid seeds. Another disadvantage of these artificial seeds id that the crop needs a lot of irrigation and the diet of these seeds has no vitamins or minerals. Another disadvantage is that they use all the nutrients in soil and disturb the natural balance of soils. All this conspiracy against the people is done by multinational companies not only in other countries but in the USA too. Astonishing is that in the USA hybrid seeds of soybeans, cotton,corn,wheat, sorghum, groundnut are cultivated on 99 % of the agricultural lands.

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