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Friday, June 3, 2011

Twenty Percent Richest People Of The Developed Countries Use 85 % Of The World Clean Water

Only 20 % richest people of the developed countries use 85 % water of the world. This water is used in gazers of five-stars hotels that transform into steam and dissolves in the air. Water is wasted in the swimming pools, water parks and other different water luxuries. The water used by an American in 5 minutes during bathing equals to 24 hours use of water by a citizen of poor country. While only 25 % people of the 20 % poorest citizens of the world have facility of tap water. Meanwhile, big multinational companies are occupying the world water reserves. According to an estimate the annual trade of these companies has exceeded $200 million. But they are fulfilling the needs of only 7 % of the world population. In a report issued by WWF in 2006 in Geneva the richest countries were asked to reserve the water and assure the the pollution free water. Report also said that the excess of money does not mean that these countries must be richer in water reservoirs. Report pointed out that the riches countries are using the water of developing countries. Because these countries purchase the items and products e.g. cloth, vegetables and fruits that need plentiful of water on cheaper rates from the developing countries. In another report it was said that Asian and Pacific countries are at the bottom of the list regarding availability of water. Reparts further says that many countries that include India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Maldeve, Azbakistan and Phillipine will have to face the shortage of water due to rise in population and pollution.

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