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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tragedic Example Of American Exploitation Of Poor Countries

The major reason of the poverty in developing countries is that they their natural resources, fertile land, and water and climate produce foods and other usable item for those living in developed countries like USA, Europe, and Japan. How the richest countries are cruel to rhe poorest is clear from the following example. During 1926, loan volume on a Latin American Country Liberia rose to a very high level, American government demanded return of loan, poor Liberain had no money to return the loan. A strange agreement was signed, two Tyre and tubes manufacturing multinational companies, the Firestone and Bridge stone, took the responsibility for the loan for next 40 years and these companies would receive the revenues from customs postal services, and other internal taxes of the Liberian government. Under the agreement, Liberian government handed over one million hectares area ( 4 % of the total area in the country and 10 % of the cultivable land) to the companies for 99 years lease.Companies dislocated the tribal tribes from the land and established rubber farm. Today , these companies are earning billion of dollars but poor Liberian do not get a single penny. The laborers on the farm get only 300 in local currency with no privileges.The companies were paying 5 cents per acre till 2009, however, afterward the rent was increased to 12 dollars per acre.

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