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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ministry Of Religious Affaiars Must Facilitate Intending Hajis

The corruption scandal of last year Haj season has not been decided yet neither the culprits have sentenced. The new Haj season is nearing forms are being processed and booking by private tour operators continued. The government offers a green card package that costs Rs. 0.222 million that according to religious affairs will provide accommodation with 1000 meters from Haram Pak but it is known that due to the expansion in the premises of Haram, even green card holders would not be provided accommodation as promised but may be 7-10 km away. Why the department of religious affairs makes false promises to Hajis. There would be great trouble for the intending hajis this season too. Other thing is that there is a space in the application form to get medical certificate from qualified doctor that the applicant is fit for haj journey, or needs helper or uses wheel chair. In the government hospitals doctors pay no attenttion to the intending hajis nor they like to fill the forms and make excuses of unavailability of office or designation stamp. But , actually doctors do not like to sign with out fee and here they can not get fees. Even after 3-4 hours roaming in different wards of hospitals intending hajis return back with out getting certificate. Whose is responsible for this trouble and difficulties to hajis. The Religious Affairs must designate doctors in hospitals and pay them fee or hajis can pay the fees and may get certificate easily. What is the religious affairs for? Though all the institutions of A country called Pakistan have been destroyed and no department works properly. What will be the future of a country like this complete destruction? slavery? Though it is slave now too but will be more like Muslims in India are.

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