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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Environment-Friendly Asim Of Pakistan

39 yea Asim Bakhsh who is the head of a group of companies whether he goes to office or for play he drives luxury cars. He earns million of dollars annually. His lovely daughter, who loves nature and clean environment, brought a revolution in his life with a question to dad that whether he was involved in any step that could cause increase in global warming. When he studied the articles in magazines and newspapers about the preservation of environment he realized that he was in those persons who cause global warming directly or indirectly. He started thinking how could he play his role in preserving the natural environment in Pakistan. He came to the conclusion that he could work on alternative energy resources that can help in the maintenance of clean environment. He knew that 43 % of Pakistanis have no electricity. After some doing research work he could know that nature has bestowed Pakistan with surplus solar energy. So he established "Bakhsh Energy" Initially Asim provided the villagers solar lanterns. Then he imported solar pumps because many farmers use pumps for irrigation in Pakistan. Traditionally, in Pakistan, the pumps are run by diesel generators that are too costly and environment-enemy due to expulsion of smoke. He calculate the cost of tube well for irrigation that could be run by solar energy that was Rs. 0.825 million but it was encouraging that this tube-well would return its cost value within two years. The farmers could not afford this much money. So, he started giving them loans on soft terms. He wishes that Pakistan could fulfill its 5 % electricity requirement with the use of solar energy within next 10 years. For this he plans to instal electrical power houses and construct dams that will use solar energy. He says that to generate 5 % electricity requirements in Pakistan need 8 million oil that is spent in foreign exchange. If we could save this foreign exchange and generate electricity using solar energy that will in keeping the environment free of pollution.

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