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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exploitation Of weak Countries Under Food Safety System

USA and European countries have implemented food security system in their countries under which the food item coming in the country are checked to show their people that government cares for their health. But, experts say that this food safety system is also the source of earnings and monopoly of multinational corporations. Because, the standards and regulations are fixed by the super markets that are the property of these corporations. For example if Pakistan wants to export grapes or fish to any European country the products must meet the standards that have been fixed by these super markets. If the super markets do not like any country they can ban for any unknown reason their food items exporting to Europe or USA. Some super markets are so strong that they decide where and how to grow some specific crops. At present, the food business of the world is worth $ 4 trillion. Half of this business is occupied by super markets. Thirty % of this business is in the hands of 15 15 super markets. Wall Mart, Gary 4, Tesco and Kroger earn more than dollars one trillion annually. If seen at the status of a country then these markets are the 13 richest county of the world.

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