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Saturday, June 11, 2011

He Who Can Control The Food Can Rule The World-- Henery Kesenger

The well-known former Foreign Secretary of the USA Henry Kesenger once said," Any country that controls the food can rule the world, because no body can see his beloved children hungry and bows his head." His this saying is hundred percent correct. His own country the USA defeated Red Indians by using this weapon. Americans fired thousands of buffaloes that were the diet item of red Indians. But in the recent era the ways and means have changed to make the other countries and people slave and capturing the countries. This task is done by multi national companies that on their own place are so strong and have the status of powerful states. The food sector is in the control of these companies. Ten to twelve strong companies control all sales purchases fix the prices. let us have a look on the strongest multinational company of Switzerland, Glencore that is so powerful financially, if it were a country then it would have been the 24th largest state of the world regarding GDP. Glencore has assets worth $ 61 billion and is the owner of 10 % of wheat, 25 % of sunflower transactions in the world. Moreover, it occupies 50 % of copper, 60 % of zinc,38 % almonium, 28% of coal and 45 % of lead trade in the world market. Kris Hindi the editor of American Magazine "Mining Journal" says that Glencore is among those few companies that does not take prices but fixes prices of the commodities in the world market.

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