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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Indian Lobby In Pakistan Wants To Embrace Hindus Whatever The Case May Be
India (Hindustan) is the country that ha been ruled by Muslims rulers for centuries. Hindus did not want Muslim to have independent country but wanted to dominate them in joint and united India. They wanted to revenge the rule of Muslims in the past. This was the vision and farsightedness of Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah who knew the nature of Hindus. Therefore, they wanted an independent Islamic country. Allah Almighty succeeded them in to obtain the separate country from two enemies the Britishers and the Hindus. India imposed three wars on Pakistan. Still Hindus are in search of any chance to diminish Pakistan and get hold of its atomic assets or make Pakistanis slave as they had been in the past. But, some Indian lobby in Pakistan intentionally or unintentionally are on the way to fulfill their vested designs. Amn Ki Asha and other dummers and joker's exchange programs are the ways and means through which they are favoring Indian intentions. India wants Pakistanis to forget Kashmir and extend trade and other relations with Hindus.
In addition to three wars between Pakistan and India , a war on though smaller scale but the most costly war is being fought on Siachen Glacier. Siachen is the highest glacier in the world its height ranges from 16000 to 22000 feet. The barren area which is situated in Jammu and Kashmir had been grazing land in normal times.In the corp Commander meeting in the regn of Zia ul Haq it was decided to establish an army post on the Siachen glacier but when the army men reached there it was observed that Indian army had already occupied Siachen , Fight started between the troops though this limited war ended soon but a new chain of confrontation began.

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