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Sunday, June 12, 2011

US Is "Our Safety Blanket" Zardari Said----Wikileaks

Asif Ali Zardari, expressing his views said, “ U.S. is “our safety blanket” and recounted how Benazir had returned despite the threats against her because of support and “clearance” from the U.S., according to the whistleblower Wikileaks’ disclosure of U.S. Ambassador’s cable dated January 28, 2008.
Zardari acknowledged that he had believed that the more he would get closer to General Kayani, the more Kayani would be weakened.
Wikileaks spilled the beans from one of the statements of Khayber Pukhtunkhaw Chief Minister, Amir Haider Khan Hoti. Peshawar U.S. Counsel Principal Officer Tracy’s cable dated April 30, 2009 sent to Washington said that Amir Haider Khan Hoti has appreciated the drone attacks, but he (Hoti) also said that he could never support it in public.
Lahore U.S. Counsel Principal Officer Brian Hunt said that former Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer flayed Shahbaz Sharif’s government. In a cable dated December 31, 2008, Brian Hunt wrote that Salman Taseer was of the view that Shahbaz Sharif’s government was highly heart burning. “Shahbaz Sharif is hard working, but just like my gardener. Brian Hunt in memo dated February 7, 2009 wrote that Salman Taseer has nothing to do with the lawyers’ long march and he is getting ready for celebrating Basant and he would see that whether the people give importance to Islamabad march or Basant party.
Islamabad’s U.S. diplomat Peter Bodde in his May 2, 2006 memo wrote that F-16 galore the thought of Pakistan Air Force. U.S. Ambassador N. W. Patterson in a cable dated February 7, 2008 sent to Washington stated that Pakistan seemed clouded with moral degradation.

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