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Friday, April 29, 2016

Indian Actress Mamta Kulkarni Is Under Investigation As A Central Figure In International Racket

Former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni is being investigatd by police for her alleged involvement as a central figure in an international smuggling ring. The investigation was launched after Indian police seized 20 tonnes contraband ephedrine drug being smuggled into the country earlier this month. The development came as the investigators revealed that Kulkarni's Kenya-based husbandVicky Goswami was the kingpin of this operation. In a tip-off by the United States' Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) earlier, Goswami was listed as prime suspect in the investigation. He was arrested for drug trafficking in 1997 in Dubai and served 15 years prison there. But police are now also investigating Mamta's role as the face of international drug cartel. Mamta's husband used the former actress meet clients in Singapore, Dubai, South Africa and US. She allegedly also struck business deals with drug network in Maharashtra, while her name was also used to carry out bank transactions. Mamta is a former Bollywood actress and her name peaked in the industry during 1990s and later she quit the showbiz.

Maryam Nawaz Wants To Become Banazir Bhuto (Video)

Maryam Nawaz ki tarbiyat Benazir Bhutto jesi... by u4raheel

Some Pakistani Personalities Who Were Mistreated In India

It it said that talent has no borders but borders can create problems when talent wants to cross them. This is clearly manifested in Pakistan India context. It has become common of Shiv Sena now to mistreat Pakistani personalities who are invited to India. The following are a few personalities who faced troubles in neighboring country. **-- Ghulam Ali- Recently Shiv Sena workers staged a protest against Pakistani Ghazal singer Usad Gulam Ali, who is expected to perform at Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple in Varanasi during inaugural day of an annual music concert. **Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-- Shiv Sena workers have torn his banners who is going to perform in India on April 30th. They say that they are going to protest in front of Rahat and this is only warning. **-- Waseem Akram:- Waseem Akram along with Shoib Akhtar was forced to quit the ongoing India- South Africa series and return home early. **-- Mahira Khan:-- Mahira Khan was banned in India by Shiv Sena. The group announced objection to Mahira's presence in India. **-- Khurshid Kasuri:-- Khursheed Kasuri met severe criticism in the neighboring country especially by Shiv Sena. At his book launch, Shiv Sena threatened law and order situation badly and also smeared black ink on the face of top diplomat Sudheendra Kulkarni who was organizer of the event.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How The Investigation Started Against Senior Army Officers (Video)

Story behind Army's investigation into corruption by xain-ali-35762

Panama Leaks Will Drown Many Pakistani Politicians Including PM

Though every Pakistani is aware of the corruption of leaders ans politicians, they very well know about their looting the national money and depositing it in foreign banks. Making assets and properties abroad where their most of the family members already live. But our simple people do not know how to bring the money back, while politicians cover and each other and the ruling party never takes any serious actions against the outgoing corrupt leaders because they know that next term is theirs and they willin turn cover them. Panama papers have unveiled more clearly the dark and actual faces of the leaders and this time they feel scared because several world leaders have resigned or are pressurized to do so. Though Pakistani PM fully knows the impacts and consequences of the leaks, but still he also knows Pakistani common people who will never build pressure on him to leave. Prime minister has written letter to chief justice for constituting the judicial commission but so far a person is sitting in the chair no commission or investigation can harm him. This is an irony irony that a government servant whether in grade 1 or 20 is suspended and sent home when some investigation is going on against him, and paid salary without allowances to save his family and children from hunger who have no hand in their guardian's deeds. Fair investigation can not be done against the person still on chair. This is a tradition and common practice to influence elections and similarly investigation by politicians. So, if PM is sincere and has no hand in offshore companies or corruption he must sit aside make any impartial leader not from his party an officiating PM then any commission can carry out its inquiry fairly and with out fear. Otherwise any commission any investigating committee will be fraud and eyewash. However, more papers of Panama leaks are going to come out in first week of May and other world leaders will come in its grip and many will resign. Now it is not easy for PM to go home if he is found guilty when army officers are culled out and the looted money is also being recovered from them along with punishment. Before that time comes leaders should confess and surrender to people.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time Magazine Enlisted Priyanka Chopra Among The 100 Influential People Of The world

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has made India proud once again. Her name has been featured among the 100 people of the World List alongside Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and singer Nickie Minaj among others. Priyanka, who came into limelight in the West playing the lead role in the popular TV series Quantico, has also graced one of the six cover pages of the magazine. Apart from Priyanka, other Indians included in the list are Tennis Star Sania Mirza, Google's Indian- American Chief Sunder Oichai and Governor of Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan.
Other big names from the entertainment industry who have been featured in the list include British singer Adele, comedian Aziz Ansari, actor Idris Elba, singer Ariana Grande and several others.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Comparison Of Pakistani And American Elections

Elections are important the people of every democracy. The more a country is democratic, the more an election is assumed to be fair and regular. But this assumption is not reality seen, whether a country like that is considered fully democratic or a country like Pakistan whose politicians cry for democracy without knowing the philosophy or its meaning. Whereas, in Pakistan dictatorship is more beneficial for the common masses. Now, let us compare the elections held in the USA and in Pakistan. Generally West is considered as democratic and elections are presumed as fair and transparent. Though several tactics and games of figures are played but in limits of regularity. However, these games sometimes these games exceed the limits. US elections are a great example of that. In 2001, the presidential election of US, establishment made it sure their endorsed candadate wins and that happened. Establishment employed every source and utilized every power it was entitled to make Bush win. Same is happening now, in the recent elections, the New York primary, quite a number of voting irregularities were reported. The Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sender's supporters were not allowed to come to vote. Not only this, but according to an international newspaper, 125,000 voters were not present in the rolls and more than 60,000 were sent incomplete primary votes. An investigation has been started by Attorney General of New York into the New York city's Board of Elections. It is pertinent to mention here that in 2001 elections, the case was brought to US Supreme Court with all the evidences but ruling went in favour of Bush due to establishment. This was the picture of US elections and now, let us have a look at our Pakistani elections. Electoral rigging is considered a must for Pakistani and we have been hearing of it since 2013 after the general election's results. An important fact needs to be to mentioned here is that this election was termed as the fairest election in the history of Pakistan. But still the whining was at its peak and it is still at its peak. Voting irregularities are a prominent feature of elections in our country. Establishment or more clearly state institutions play a role in it. But overall the elections render the same results as the surveys and predictions by international polls and political pundits have announced. Same is the case with US, the election results are concurrent to the surveys and predictions. The thing which different in both the countries id political maturity. In the US, the candidates accept the results with open heart. Furthermore, if they opt for the legal war then they stick to it and accept the verdict of the court. This attitude is missing in Pakistan which endangers the political stability.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

General Raheel Sharif Terminated 13 In Service Army Officers

Chief of army staff General Raheel Sharif terminated 13 army officer officers over charges of corruption. The development has come in two days after the army chief called for accountability across the board in the country amid Panama Leaks brouhaha. Sacked officers include one Lietenent General, one major general, five brigadiers, three colonelsand one major ranked officer. Most of the officers were serving in Frontier Corps. The nation requests General to uproot corruption in civil departments too. Politicians are corrupt themselves, they would never ever end corruption. The basic cause of terrorism is the corruption in the country. Pakistan has become notoriously defamed country in the world due to corruption. If it is needed to terminate corruption, he should implement Martial Law for the noble cause.

China Displays Posters Captioned "Dangerous Love"

China is marking its National Security Education Day with a poster warning young female government workers about dating handsome foreigners who could turn to have secret agenda. Titled "Dangerous Love" the 16-panel comic book like poster tells the story of a beautiful young Chinese government employee nicknamed Xiao Li who meets a red headed foreign man at a dinner party and starts relationship. The man David claims to be a visiting scholar but actually is foreign spy who butters Xiao Li up with compliments on her beauty, bouguets of roses, fancy dinners and romantic walks in park. After Xiao provides David with secret internal documents from her job at a government propaganda office, the two are arrested in one of the poster's final panel. Xiao is shown sitting handcuffed before two police men, who tell her that ' she ha a sallow understanding of secrecy for state employees. The poster has appeared on local governments' public bulletin boards, targeting mainly rank-and-file state employees.

Indian TV Actress Pratyusha Was Pregnant Before Committing Alleged Suicide

As confirmed by the hospital doctors in Mumbai, 24-year-old Indian TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee was pregnant not too long before her alleged suicide on April 2. Doctors revealed she had probably undergone an abortion. A histopathological examination of the tissues from uterus was conducted based on which the revelation was made. The findings show that there was a conception a few days or a month before her demise, and there was a death of the premature foetal cell.
The products of conception or placental or foetal tissue in the uterus found following delivery termination of pregnancy or miscarriage were infected and degenerated. That usually hints towards a secondary infection probably occurring due to attempt to terminate the pregnancy. However, despite the tests doctors are finding it hard to establish the paternity of the foetus. Multiple departments are working simultaneously to determine the cause of actress' death. So far the investigators have preliminary autopsy stating the cause of death as " ligature over the neck with asphyxia". Chemical tests are being conducted to look for traces of poisoning and and samples of her hair, nail and blood are being preserved for DNA analysis.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Panama Papers-- The Biggest Astonishing Documentary Revelations Of Human History

Panama Leaks is composed of 100.15 million documents. Total data volume consists of 2600 GB. While, world known revealed documents by American Whistle Blower Richard Stoden consisted of 65 GB. Therefore, Stoden himself termed it the the biggest Leak in the history of data journalism that revealed the corruption of upper class of the world. It is to remind that the World Media will publish in the first week of May, the complete list of the companies and individuals present in the data. At present only a little part of it has been published. These documents consist of 4.8 million E-Mails, 3.0 million database format files, 2.2 million PDF files, 1.2 million pictures, 0.32 million text files and 2125 other differently formated files. According to documents 14,153 persons belonging to more than 200 countries got opened 2.14 million companies, trusts and foundations in different 'tax heaves' through Mosack Fonseca. These documents are spread from 1977 to 2015. Meanwhile, more than 500 banks also opened 15,500 shell companies in tax heavens through law firm. Majority of the Fonseca's Shell or off-shore companies are in British Virgin Island that number to more than 0.1 million. The remaining companies were opened in Panama, Biamas, and Seashels. Documents reveal that Mosack Fonesca opened off shore or shell companies in 21 tax heavens for its customers as well as opened accounts for them in those countries for them. These 21 tax heavens includes all the famous ones. Panama papers enlisted the names of men and women from every walk of life. These include 13 present or former rulers, and 61 persons are either relatives or friends. !38 persons are politicians or high ranking officers. The names of one hundred and twenty eight billionaires of The famous Forbes list are also included in the Panama documents. Two hunded Indian personalities includngactor Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Roy footballer Leonal Messi and actor Jackie Chin are also the part of Panama Leaks. Majority of the billionaires live in the USa, but for the time being only four names are revealed. The reason is that complete list will be published in May. It is expected that more Americans may be unveiled. Howeve, USA itslfis a larges tax heave. On other side Russian president termed Panama papers as a conspiracy against Russia. He claims that this leak was revealed by Ameican CIA so tha it can be prooved that Russia is a Mafia state that is run by Russian president with the help of his aides.

Happy Birthday My Dearest Noor Ul Huda

Happy Happy Very Happy BirthDay My Dearest, My sweetest Noor Ul Huda. Congratulations on your Second Birthday honey. May My Azeem Allah Bless You With Healthy Long Life. Mau you with your lovely parents live long and happy life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Talk Show With Viral Girl Qandeel Baloch (Video)

Ajeeb Saa - 17th April 2016 _ by siasatpk

Farrah Abraham's Latest Selfies

Usually when one sees "Farrah Abraham" and "plastic" in the same sentence, it means there is discount on the molds of her vagina that she sells on her website. Today, however, it is the holes on Farrah's face that have the internet buzzing.
Farrah posted the above pic to her instagram page over the weekend and many fans are wondering if the 24-year-old porn sex tape star has recently had some work done. She is so open about his many plastic surgeries that once she posted a photo of herself reading a book about pro-plastic surgery to her daughter. So, truely shocking thing about this selfie is that Farrah has gotten a nose job.

Inzemam Ul Haq Has been Appointed As National Chief Selector By PCB

Chairman PCB has formally appointed Inzemam ul Haq as National chief selector and Mushtaq Ahmad as Head Coach National Cricket Academy. Shahryar Khan thanked Afghan Cricket Board for releasing Inzemam before the end of contract to join national duty. Inzemam also announced his selection panel comprising of a spinner Tausif Ahmad, fast bowler Wasim Haidar and a batsman Wajahatullah Wasti. It is pertinent to mention here that Muhammad Yousuf was considered favourite for selection committee panel but his critical attitude towards PCB hindered his selection and then former opening batsman Wasti from Peshawar was included at eleventh hour.

Monday, April 18, 2016

How The Mansehra Doctor Is Treating His Female Patient In His Private Clinic (Video)

Doctor Scandal by harryfield1

Philippines' Maxine Medina will Compete For Miss Universe Title

Amidst strewned confetti and dazzling lights, twenty-five year old Maria Mika Maxine Medina beamed with joy as she was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines.
Miss Universe Pia Alonzo 2015, also from Philippines crowned Miss Maria who will now compete for this year's Miss Universe Pageant. The interior designer from Queen city the beauty queen bested 39 candidates to win most coveted time.
The winners were announced after Pia took the stage for last time as Miss Universe Phillippines.

Some Interesting Facts About Bill Gates, The American Business Magnate

Bill Gates is the founder of world's largest PC Software company, Microsoft. He is an American Business Magnate, enterpreneur, ohilonthrapist, investor and computer programmer. He is also among the wealthiest people on earth, Her are some interesting facts about him. **-- He was banned from Computer Center Corporation because he used to exploit bugs in operating system to win free computer time. **-- He tampered his school scheduling program to take classes with ' disproportionate number of interesting girls'. **-- He took 1590 out of 1600 on SAT, a standardized test widely used for college admissions in US. **-- He dropped Harvard to commence his own business. He made this decision after seeking his parent's advice. **-- He procured Codex Leicester, a collection of writings of Leonardo Da Linci, for $ 30.8 million in a open auction.

Does Pak Army's Mandate Include Fighting Against Dacoits? What Is Police For?

No government or rulers out of 200 countries of the world are so useless, inelligible and corrupt as the rulers of Pakistan are. They have no control on any department officials. No department fulfills and realizes its duties except the Pak army. The foreigners who rule Pakistan have no interest in securing the lives and properties of common people. They and their family live in London or America. Here they come only for ruling and looting money to deposit in off-shore companies to evade taxes. If Pak Army has to clean the country and safeguard the people of Pakistan from dacoits, from street crimenals, from corrupt people then you must go to hell and your own countries (Not Pakistan), need not to live in Pakistan and let the Army rule the country. If the Army is responsible for law and order situation, then what police officials have been recruited for? Only to provide security to VIPs and their family members? Why Pak army is being engaged in the tasks that do not suit it. Army is for providing safety to nation against external aggression. If it is kept engaged in useless and substandard activities except Zar be Hasb. Army has to use all kinds of its weapons from tanks to bombers and missiles. The weapons that could be used against our cruel enemy and its agents and intruders is ibeing used against Chhoto dacoit. What is need of so called "democracy" whose meaning and philosophy is unknown to rulers. They only know how to save looted money in foreign banks, how to instal sugar and steel mills in foreign countries. When they do not keep their own money in Pakistani banks, and do not pay taxes, they have no right to get taxes from people. When they do not invest their own money in Pakistan, they have no right to invite foreign investors to invest money in Pakistan. Panama Papers will take take all the corrupt people of the world and specially of Pakistan to meet their end. Zardari or Rahman Malik and advises can not save them more now. They should read their fortune written clearly on the wall.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hidden Camera Scandal In Karachi Guest House (Video)

Sar-e-Aam 1st April 2016 by arynews

Friday, April 15, 2016

Islamic State Calls For Murdering Muslim "Apostates"

The Islamic named British-Pakistani Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in the United Kingom's cabine, on a 'kill list' while describing her as 'politically active apostate'. Published in the IS magazine 'Dabiq" they called for the murder of so called apostates, including presidential candidate Hilary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin and Tory Business secretary Sajid Javed. Republican Keith Alison, the first Muslim elected to the American congress was also named in the article of IS magazine. Moreover, they warned the figures like Warsi and Javed are caught before they repent, there will be painful and fatal punishment for them.

Boutique Owner Sent Raunchy Pictures Of Herself And Emotional Video Messages To Her Ex-Lover

A boutique owner Nicole Peri,30, bombarded her ex-lover with hundreds of phone calls, and sexually explicit pictures and videos of herself to try and win back him. Over a five-week period she left over 300 calls on his phone and contacted him 130 times on a single day. Then she used a series of different numbers ti try and call him when he blocked her. Peri, who runs a fashion boutique was spared jail by magistrate but given a 12-month restraining order.
Police were called out several times to deal with altercations between the couple whose relations were called off-on.

Bank ATM Gave Out Snake Instead Of Cash

A Saudi man got the shock of his life when ATM machine gave him snake instead of cash. The man, a school teacher in the Western Town of Adham inserted his card and waited for the money to come out of the machine's slot. Instead of cash a snake crawled out of machine. The teacher panicked but managed to take shot of the snake by his mobile and sent it to the civil defence.

Written Agreement Was Signed Between Altaf And RAW--Kamal

Head of Pakistan Sarzameen Party Mustafa Kamal has claimed that a written agreement was made between MQM's chief Altaf Hussain and Indian secret agency raw and they had been working together against Pakistan. He said one of the former ambassador of Pakistan to United Kingdom spoke about this issue and now it is no secret. He advised Farooq Sattar to analyze his chief's speeches and should not teach them the ethics of speech. It is time for MQM to come out of closet and accept their misdoings. MQM's chief and his close accomplices are used to killing of people after using them for their benefits and MQM workers should have realized by now.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Useless Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif Has Been Put On Sale By A British Pakistani On Ebay

A British Pakistan has put Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on sale at the famous E-commerce portal Ebay and he has been alloted Ebay item No 162037014813. Pakistani premier is currently in London for his medical check up. In the post Panama Paper scenario he is facing severe criticism on this visit from both political and public circles. He has been placed on auction-sale under the title, Useless Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif For Sale" with the following message. Used Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif for sale. No longer needed. Needs a bit of TLC. No box or instructions. Buyer must collect. Seller not prepared to touch item. Pick up from central London today, address will be supplied on completion of sale. Buyer must arrange own transport. Not in working condition. It never worked. It was faulty and corrupt by birth. The whole range of the product and its family is Genetically defected and corrupt. take it away and rid us of this disease. Buy this and a similar item in smaller pack Mr Shahbaz Sharif will be given for free with it and that item is good with drama and passionate speeches but of no use too. Usually found in England, America and Turkey more than in Pakistan. All business, properties and family in London but still wants to be prime minister in Pakistan. Currently in London consulting a former corrupt president of Pakistan on how to save his corrupt assets and his neck. Ebay requires seller to declare the condition of the item placed on sale and the seller added following message in conditions column.. New with defects, A brand-new, unused and unworn item. possible cosmetic imperfections range from natural color variations to scuffs, cuts or nicks, hanging threads or missing buttons that occasionally occur during the manufacturing or delivery process. The apparel may contain irregular or mismarked size tags. The item may be missing original retail packaging materials ( such as original box or tag). New factory seconds and/or new irregular item may fall into this category. The original tags may or may not be attached. Pakistani Premier (Ebay item No 162037014813) currently stands at GPB 66,200 bidding price with a little left over bidding round.
The British Pakistani working with the ebay under the alias Mastivas is a member since 2006, and has a good seller ranking on the E-commerce network. According to network policy, seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. But Mativas! WHO WILL DELIVER THE ITEM TO THE BUYER?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some Unique Airline Services

VietJet Air, Vietnam's only privately owned airlines, has caused quite a stir in the aviation industry, with its young, attractive bikini-clad flight attendants. Female VietJet employees don colorful bikinis and even put on a performace for passengers, during inaugural flights to beach locations. The marketing gimmick have earned the company huge profits, and plenty of criticism to boot. These bikini performance are not standard practice on all flights, but are more like a feared bonus on certain routes. Airlines in countries like Thailand, Mexico and even UK have used calendar featuring bikini-clad flight attendants to promote their business, no other has been as bold as to adopt skimpy attire actual flights- that make VietJet unique.
**-- In 2008, a German travel agency took the country's love of naturalism to the skies. The world's first nude airline offered flights for passengers keen to disrobe at 30,000 ft. Although the fliers had to be fully clothed when they boarded and disembarked th aircraft. They are free to wander around the cabin in buff after take off
**-- Not even firs class air passengers can expect personal masseuse to ease flying nerves and provide some distraction from the children having a tantrum in the next row. But air Malta travelers in economy cabins are being treated to relaxing head rubs and hand massage on flights between Gatwick and Malta-- completely free of charges.
**-- If you are flying fom Los Angeles to New Zealand, you can travel much more comfortably. In 2011, Air New Zealand began offering customers the chance to purchase the chance to purchase seats that could turn into couches or beds. According to airline the seats called "Skycouches" would be perfect for couples who want some extra room or families with small children. The skycouch is a trio of economy seats that together create a flexible space for whatever you want it to be. an area to relax and stretch out in, or for the kids to play in. It is like having your own couch on the plane.