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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Muslim Man Walks Off Reality TV Show Because Of Half-naked Bikiny Clad Female Contestants

A Muslim man had walked out of Bear Gryll's Reality Tv show after he became uncomfortable because the female contestants were wearing bikinis all the time. Rizwan Shabbir, 27, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, a married and father of three will be leaving Island tonight saying that he is not used to living with women who are half-naked.
The third current series of The Island is the first time that men and women are mixed together, after the first series was male-only while in the second male and females were put on separate island. Mr Shabbir, a mobile shop owner said that when he entered the show last year he hoped to be a role model for other British Muslims. He also predicted that his experience on the survival program would help him get closer to his faith and could be seen praying five times a day while on the island. But in the end he could not handle the stress of being on the island, and left the show just after 11 days in an incident set to be broadcast on this evening's episode. Mr Shabbir is a former cage fighter with a black belt in karate.
Mr Shabbir is not the only contestant who have left the show, a former army corporal Hanna , who lost her in Iraq war was airlifted off the island after being bitten by a scorpion.

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