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Friday, April 22, 2016

Comparison Of Pakistani And American Elections

Elections are important the people of every democracy. The more a country is democratic, the more an election is assumed to be fair and regular. But this assumption is not reality seen, whether a country like that is considered fully democratic or a country like Pakistan whose politicians cry for democracy without knowing the philosophy or its meaning. Whereas, in Pakistan dictatorship is more beneficial for the common masses. Now, let us compare the elections held in the USA and in Pakistan. Generally West is considered as democratic and elections are presumed as fair and transparent. Though several tactics and games of figures are played but in limits of regularity. However, these games sometimes these games exceed the limits. US elections are a great example of that. In 2001, the presidential election of US, establishment made it sure their endorsed candadate wins and that happened. Establishment employed every source and utilized every power it was entitled to make Bush win. Same is happening now, in the recent elections, the New York primary, quite a number of voting irregularities were reported. The Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sender's supporters were not allowed to come to vote. Not only this, but according to an international newspaper, 125,000 voters were not present in the rolls and more than 60,000 were sent incomplete primary votes. An investigation has been started by Attorney General of New York into the New York city's Board of Elections. It is pertinent to mention here that in 2001 elections, the case was brought to US Supreme Court with all the evidences but ruling went in favour of Bush due to establishment. This was the picture of US elections and now, let us have a look at our Pakistani elections. Electoral rigging is considered a must for Pakistani and we have been hearing of it since 2013 after the general election's results. An important fact needs to be to mentioned here is that this election was termed as the fairest election in the history of Pakistan. But still the whining was at its peak and it is still at its peak. Voting irregularities are a prominent feature of elections in our country. Establishment or more clearly state institutions play a role in it. But overall the elections render the same results as the surveys and predictions by international polls and political pundits have announced. Same is the case with US, the election results are concurrent to the surveys and predictions. The thing which different in both the countries id political maturity. In the US, the candidates accept the results with open heart. Furthermore, if they opt for the legal war then they stick to it and accept the verdict of the court. This attitude is missing in Pakistan which endangers the political stability.

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