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Thursday, April 21, 2016

China Displays Posters Captioned "Dangerous Love"

China is marking its National Security Education Day with a poster warning young female government workers about dating handsome foreigners who could turn to have secret agenda. Titled "Dangerous Love" the 16-panel comic book like poster tells the story of a beautiful young Chinese government employee nicknamed Xiao Li who meets a red headed foreign man at a dinner party and starts relationship. The man David claims to be a visiting scholar but actually is foreign spy who butters Xiao Li up with compliments on her beauty, bouguets of roses, fancy dinners and romantic walks in park. After Xiao provides David with secret internal documents from her job at a government propaganda office, the two are arrested in one of the poster's final panel. Xiao is shown sitting handcuffed before two police men, who tell her that ' she ha a sallow understanding of secrecy for state employees. The poster has appeared on local governments' public bulletin boards, targeting mainly rank-and-file state employees.

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