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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some Unique Airline Services

VietJet Air, Vietnam's only privately owned airlines, has caused quite a stir in the aviation industry, with its young, attractive bikini-clad flight attendants. Female VietJet employees don colorful bikinis and even put on a performace for passengers, during inaugural flights to beach locations. The marketing gimmick have earned the company huge profits, and plenty of criticism to boot. These bikini performance are not standard practice on all flights, but are more like a feared bonus on certain routes. Airlines in countries like Thailand, Mexico and even UK have used calendar featuring bikini-clad flight attendants to promote their business, no other has been as bold as to adopt skimpy attire actual flights- that make VietJet unique.
**-- In 2008, a German travel agency took the country's love of naturalism to the skies. The world's first nude airline offered flights for passengers keen to disrobe at 30,000 ft. Although the fliers had to be fully clothed when they boarded and disembarked th aircraft. They are free to wander around the cabin in buff after take off
**-- Not even firs class air passengers can expect personal masseuse to ease flying nerves and provide some distraction from the children having a tantrum in the next row. But air Malta travelers in economy cabins are being treated to relaxing head rubs and hand massage on flights between Gatwick and Malta-- completely free of charges.
**-- If you are flying fom Los Angeles to New Zealand, you can travel much more comfortably. In 2011, Air New Zealand began offering customers the chance to purchase the chance to purchase seats that could turn into couches or beds. According to airline the seats called "Skycouches" would be perfect for couples who want some extra room or families with small children. The skycouch is a trio of economy seats that together create a flexible space for whatever you want it to be. an area to relax and stretch out in, or for the kids to play in. It is like having your own couch on the plane.

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