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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Panama Leaks Will Drown Many Pakistani Politicians Including PM

Though every Pakistani is aware of the corruption of leaders ans politicians, they very well know about their looting the national money and depositing it in foreign banks. Making assets and properties abroad where their most of the family members already live. But our simple people do not know how to bring the money back, while politicians cover and each other and the ruling party never takes any serious actions against the outgoing corrupt leaders because they know that next term is theirs and they willin turn cover them. Panama papers have unveiled more clearly the dark and actual faces of the leaders and this time they feel scared because several world leaders have resigned or are pressurized to do so. Though Pakistani PM fully knows the impacts and consequences of the leaks, but still he also knows Pakistani common people who will never build pressure on him to leave. Prime minister has written letter to chief justice for constituting the judicial commission but so far a person is sitting in the chair no commission or investigation can harm him. This is an irony irony that a government servant whether in grade 1 or 20 is suspended and sent home when some investigation is going on against him, and paid salary without allowances to save his family and children from hunger who have no hand in their guardian's deeds. Fair investigation can not be done against the person still on chair. This is a tradition and common practice to influence elections and similarly investigation by politicians. So, if PM is sincere and has no hand in offshore companies or corruption he must sit aside make any impartial leader not from his party an officiating PM then any commission can carry out its inquiry fairly and with out fear. Otherwise any commission any investigating committee will be fraud and eyewash. However, more papers of Panama leaks are going to come out in first week of May and other world leaders will come in its grip and many will resign. Now it is not easy for PM to go home if he is found guilty when army officers are culled out and the looted money is also being recovered from them along with punishment. Before that time comes leaders should confess and surrender to people.

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