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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Indonesian Female PopStar Was Biten By Cobra During Performance Died Onstag

An Indonesian popstar, Irma Blue, 29, carried on performing for 45 minutes despite biten by a venomous cobra before collapsing and dying on stage. The Indonesian singer was well known for using reptiles in her acts and thought the king cobra, called Rianti had been de-fanged.
But when the snake bit her thigh, it injected venom into her bloodstream until snake handler pulled it away. After performing for 45 minutes she started vomiting and having seizures. Later she was confirmed dead in hospital. Singer who had also used boa constrictors and pythons in her previous acts, refused the offer of an antidote. Irma's mother told that her daughter always used python but this time cobra was provided by the show organisers. Usually pythons her daughter performed with had their jaws taped together for extra security, even though thedy were not toxic. She was told she could wear it, though its mouth was not closed with duct tape. Irma danced to organic music and during her first song the snake was around her neck. When she finished the song she put the snake into sack, but it came out of the sack and bit on her thigh.

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