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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Panama Papers-- The Biggest Astonishing Documentary Revelations Of Human History

Panama Leaks is composed of 100.15 million documents. Total data volume consists of 2600 GB. While, world known revealed documents by American Whistle Blower Richard Stoden consisted of 65 GB. Therefore, Stoden himself termed it the the biggest Leak in the history of data journalism that revealed the corruption of upper class of the world. It is to remind that the World Media will publish in the first week of May, the complete list of the companies and individuals present in the data. At present only a little part of it has been published. These documents consist of 4.8 million E-Mails, 3.0 million database format files, 2.2 million PDF files, 1.2 million pictures, 0.32 million text files and 2125 other differently formated files. According to documents 14,153 persons belonging to more than 200 countries got opened 2.14 million companies, trusts and foundations in different 'tax heaves' through Mosack Fonseca. These documents are spread from 1977 to 2015. Meanwhile, more than 500 banks also opened 15,500 shell companies in tax heavens through law firm. Majority of the Fonseca's Shell or off-shore companies are in British Virgin Island that number to more than 0.1 million. The remaining companies were opened in Panama, Biamas, and Seashels. Documents reveal that Mosack Fonesca opened off shore or shell companies in 21 tax heavens for its customers as well as opened accounts for them in those countries for them. These 21 tax heavens includes all the famous ones. Panama papers enlisted the names of men and women from every walk of life. These include 13 present or former rulers, and 61 persons are either relatives or friends. !38 persons are politicians or high ranking officers. The names of one hundred and twenty eight billionaires of The famous Forbes list are also included in the Panama documents. Two hunded Indian personalities includngactor Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Roy footballer Leonal Messi and actor Jackie Chin are also the part of Panama Leaks. Majority of the billionaires live in the USa, but for the time being only four names are revealed. The reason is that complete list will be published in May. It is expected that more Americans may be unveiled. Howeve, USA itslfis a larges tax heave. On other side Russian president termed Panama papers as a conspiracy against Russia. He claims that this leak was revealed by Ameican CIA so tha it can be prooved that Russia is a Mafia state that is run by Russian president with the help of his aides.

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